What can happen after a trip to a Taiwanese KTV?

This video had me laughing sadistically. Perhaps it was his French accent or the others laughing at him. The guy (Pierre) got too drunk at a KTV, undoubtedly the recipient of too many Gan Bei’s and wound up soaking wet in a bathtub.

Some of his funnier lines were:

Stop lausing. It’s painful! To me! It’s painful. It’s not funny at all! OK Your turn!

You can hear this and more of Pierre’s drunkard comedy in the video. What is the moral of the story? Obviously it is don’t be French in Taiwan or your friends will make you look like an ass and post it in a video on Youtube.

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2 Responses to “ What can happen after a trip to a Taiwanese KTV? ”

  1. Pierre’s drunk, obviously. so what excuse does the videographer have for holding the camera sideways?

  2. That’s a good point./ Maybe the videographer was drunk too. Haha. That guys voice is hilarious though. I can’t help but laugh at his pain.

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