Wang Qian Ming: What Now?

Wang Qian Ming, also known as Jimmy Wang or Chin Ming Wang (the radio and television announcers in the US seem to have a preference for calling him Chin MIng) has shut it down for the 2009 Major League Baseball (MBL) season and will have arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder capsule. Surgery will be done by world renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

This is a crushing blow for the New York Yankees and Wang fans alike. He had not distinguished himself in 2009 (He finished the year 1-6 with a 9.64 ERA in 12 games) following his 2008 injury to the Lisfranc ligament in his right foot, an injury sustained while running the bases on June 15 in Houston. This is after arguably being the best pitcher for most famous baseball team in the world since 2006.

Jimmy Wang is a huge source of pride for the Taiwanese people, and I would go as far as saying that he is the most famous Taiwanese person in the world. If he falls off of his pedestal then who does that leave the Taiwanese to support and help further the recognition of Taiwan as a country? Ang Li, the famous director? Chen Shui Bian, a corrupt ex president that is currently being detained in jail by the current regime, the leader of which is Ma Ying Jiu. Ma Ying Jiu, the current president who has gone through a similar approval ratings dip as to the US ex president “Curious George” Bush.

The bottom line is that Taiwan needs as much international recognition as it can, and having high profile people, even in non political positions, can accomplish much in the PR battle that is being waged with self proclaimed “Mother China”. Let’s hope Jimmy comes back and regains his position as one of the best pitchers in MLB.

Jimmy Wang’s career statistics:

Regular season Postseason
Season Team W L ERA SV IP hit ER BB K W L ERA SV IP
2005 New York Yankees 8 5 4.02 0 116.1 113 52 32 47 0 1 1.35 0 6.2
2006 New York Yankees 19 6 3.63 1 218.0 233 88 52 76 1 0 4.05 0 6.2
2007 New York Yankees 19 7 3.70 0 199.1 199 82 59 104 0 2 19.06 0 5.2
2008 New York Yankees 8 2 4.07 0 95.0 90 44 35 54
2009 New York Yankees 1 6 11.20 0 31.1 56 39 15 25

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  1. the yankees hat is a propos.

    gan bei!

  2. Indeed, David… indeed.

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