Vigar: Reggae Beach Fest Photos

It rained, it poured, and people danced. Just right for Reggae Beachfest, which drew hundreds despite a not so jammin forecast. Because true to the reggae spirit, all the rain did was add a little bit more soul into reggae heads who swept in from all over the island. More importantly, it brought out the limber girls in the shiny hot shorts, the only ones that really know how to dance, the ones in the videos that stand in the middle of dancehall parties and shake their butts in ways that white girls could never dream of. Reggae events are so few and far between in Taiwan, so Islandjam Reggae Beachfest proved to be a staple in bringing this community together. Carrying on the vibe created here, hopefully Taiwan won’t have to wait so long before another celebration of reggae culture. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the sun in shining, and the weather is sweet.

About the Author

Under the luminous and radiant spotlight casted by Steven Vigar’s lens is where everyone who is anyone in Taiwan is trying desperately to be. Currently based out of Taipei, photographer Steven Vigar hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he studied photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He’s since worked as photo editor for The Nugget and is a regular contributor for the Firstlight Associated Photographers. Since his relocation to Asia, he has taken Taiwan by storm and the name Steven Vigar has unarguably become Taiwan’s most illustrious name in photography. Vigar’s most recent work can frequently be found in the Taipei Times, Adbusters, JPG, Taiwan Photographers and Waakao, where he won best photographer in 2009. Though he paved his road to fame by specializing in documentary, travel, and portraiture, his work extends to freelance publications and more recently his event photography has redefined a fresh more contemporary and experimental style and resulted in his being branded as Taiwan’s most sought after event photographer. Vigar’s unique eye has become a staple at urban parties, events, nightclubs, galleries, concerts, festivals, high fashion photo shoots, and beyond. Check out Steven Vigar

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