Vigar: Oasis Pool Party

So about these pool parties, as far as I’m concerned, parties of the summer. There is no better way to battle a Saturday morning hangover than **gamboling poolside while tanning with a cocktail in one hand and the other moving with the music. It’s true that Taipei isn’t known for its plethora of pools. But nestled within the lush mountains surrounding Taipei is the Taipei Country Club, where pool party season is in full force every sunny Saturday afternoon. Alternating Saturdays, Liquid Lifestyle brings you a dip in the exotic OASIS, and Frog in the Sock offers you a little taste of HAVANA. One thing to be said about Liquid Lifestyles OASIS pool parties, is that everybody who is anybody and nobody is there. Frog In The Sock’s HAVANA wins for most eclectic and eccentric crowd and everything but Top 40 music. Both are packed with gorgeous girls and are a fiery fun time, and the ONLY place in Taipei to spend your Saturday afternoons. Unless of course you are boring and enjoy cold and dark places. Then you should stay home. O. * thanks to Nicolene Pretorius for playing (and letting me play) with the underwater camera. **gambol |ˈgambəl| verb ( -boled , -boling ; Brit. -bolled, -bolling) [ intrans. ] run or jump about playfully

About the Author

Under the luminous and radiant spotlight casted by Steven Vigar’s lens is where everyone who is anyone in Taiwan is trying desperately to be. Currently based out of Taipei, photographer Steven Vigar hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he studied photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He’s since worked as photo editor for The Nugget and is a regular contributor for the Firstlight Associated Photographers. Since his relocation to Asia, he has taken Taiwan by storm and the name Steven Vigar has unarguably become Taiwan’s most illustrious name in photography. Vigar’s most recent work can frequently be found in the Taipei Times, Adbusters, JPG, Taiwan Photographers and Waakao, where he won best photographer in 2009. Though he paved his road to fame by specializing in documentary, travel, and portraiture, his work extends to freelance publications and more recently his event photography has redefined a fresh more contemporary and experimental style and resulted in his being branded as Taiwan’s most sought after event photographer. Vigar’s unique eye has become a staple at urban parties, events, nightclubs, galleries, concerts, festivals, high fashion photo shoots, and beyond. Check out Steven Vigar

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