Traffic in Taipei

Traffic in Taipei is monumental, but they do play more by the rules there than at other places on the roc(k).  Here is a surprisingly clear video of traffic conditions on a normal day in Taipei.  Notice the hoar4ds of scooters weaving around to the right.

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, webmaster and father.

6 Responses to “ Traffic in Taipei ”

  1. hi,
    how yr doing?
    are you still in Taipeh?
    Need to shoot vid of Taipeh traffic.
    Can you help?


  2. I’ll email you about it soon.

  3. Yeah the traffic is crazy but it really is worse elsewhere.

  4. Also, this is hands down the worst intersection in Taipei. Not saying that Taipei traffic isn’t crazy but still.

  5. This is nothing compared to most of India. I had never been carsick before going there, they just have no value for life and don’t really care if they hit someone or not, I’ve got some crazy videos from my monthly 6 hour drive from Mumbai to Rajkot there heh

  6. Post your best videos to Youtube. I’d like to check them out. I’d do a comparison post too between Taiwan traffic and Indian traffic. Could be interesting.

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