Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I’d usher in the year of the rat with the top 10 reasons Taiwan is independent from China.

Taiwan’s independence from China is an extremely puzzling issue to many people I know. The China – Taiwan conflict as it were, seems to be mostly about bullying from China and not about peaceful reunification. Hundreds of missiles line the coast of China aimed at parts of Taiwan as conspicuous proof of this threat to the people of Taiwan.

Outside of the United States ‘commitment’ to democracy elsewhere in the world, Taiwan lies neglected in words yet still remains a sovereign nation. If the US could go into Iraq for the sake of democracy, then why can’t they just say Taiwan is an independent country and fight to protect it and its 23 million plus citizens? The issues are too much for me to go on, but I have made a top ten list of reasons that Taiwan IS independent from China.

# 10

Ang Lee 李安

Ang Lee is one of Hollywood’s best directors and has received an academy award for Brokeback Mountain. He has received numerous other awards for some of his other films. Here is a filmography for Ang Lee. He was born in Tainan, Taiwan.

1992 Pushing Hands 推手
1993 The Wedding Banquet 喜宴
1994 Eat Drink Man Woman 飲食男女
1995 Sense and Sensibility 理性與感性
1997 The Ice Storm 冰風暴
1999 Ride with the Devil 與魔鬼共騎
2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 臥虎藏龍
2002 The Hire
2003 Hulk 綠巨人
2005 Brokeback Mountain 斷背山
2007 Lust, Caution 色,戒
2009 A Little Game

# 9

Jimmy Wang (Chien – Ming Wang)

Jimmy Wang is Taiwan’s most popular athlete both in Taiwan and internationally. He plays Americas favorite sport (the national pastime) for the most famous team (the New York Yankees) and does it on a high level. He was also born in Tainan, Taiwan.

Chien Ming Wang Jimmy Wang

# 8

Taiwan Beer

Taiwan beer has been enjoyed by many a Taiwanese since it was first brewed in 1920. It is the national beer in Taiwan. Its not called China beer. Taiwan Beer is also the name of a basketball team in Taiwan’s super basketball league.

Taiwan Beer BAsketballTaiwan Beer

# 7

Simplified Chinese vs Traditional Chinese

Taiwan is one of the last remaining bastions that still use traditional Chinese characters. Here is an example of a question written in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Why is Taiwan Independent?

台灣為什麼有獨立? Traditional

台湾为什么有独立? Simplified

# 6

The Taiwanese Flag

Every country in the world needs their own flag. Maybe that’s why some Chinese overseas get so angry and try to take the flags away from athletes at sporting events.

Flag Taiwan

# 5


Taiwan has their own currency and does not use the currency of the People’s Republic of China. The NT dollar is currently trading near NT 32 for every US dollar.

Taiwanese currency

# 4

The Taiwanese Military

China is the biggest military threat to Taiwan currently, and Taiwan has a modern army to protect itself (along with a promise and a box of chocolates from America). Every male in Taiwan serves a mandatory tour in Taiwan’s military.

Taiwan Military Flag

Taiwan’s military


Taiwan has democratically elected officials

The Taiwanese people vote for their president and legislature in what can only be described as democratic elections. Sure, vote buying still occurs but the officials are not promoted into power through nepotism, favors, or old men that smell like cigars and fried chicken. One funny thing about Taiwan that has given its parliament a black eye is that they regularly brawl.

Taiwan Parliament fightTaiwanese politicians fighting

# 2

Some countries DO recognize Taiwan as a country

Taiwan has business relations with so many countries including China, however they still have the balls to not recognize them as a country. They don’t mind buying up their computer chips though. Here is a list of countries that have formal relations with Taiwan.

Global Tawan

Africa (4)

* Burkina Faso
* Gambia
* São Tomé and Príncipe
* Swaziland

Europe (1)

* Vatican City

Oceania (6)

* Kiribati
* Marshall Islands
* Nauru
* Palau
* Solomon Islands
* Tuvalu

Americas (12)

* Belize
* Dominican Republic
* El Salvador
* Guatemala
* Haiti
* Honduras
* Nicaragua
* Panama
* Paraguay
* Saint Kitts and Nevis
* Saint Lucia
* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


The Real Taiwan

This website is a tribute to Taiwan (not China!) in all of its glory! Good or bad, Taiwan is my home and also the issuer of my visa and Alien Resident Certificate. I have never dealt with China or the Chinese government regarding any issues of residency, insurance, taxes or licenses.

How can Taiwan be considered a part of China? This list could go on but there is no reason for me to waste any more time writing about this. The world doesn’t seem to care about little Taiwan, especially at the thought of angering mother China, the fat, hungry warlord that she is.

Shame on you America and other countries that use the spread of democracy as solid reasoning to invade other sovereign nations but refuse to stand up fully or at all for Taiwan, which already has chosen democracy.

Shame on you France for pretending to be cool and then going to bed with China and coming out against Taiwan, and also doing joint military exersizes with them.

Please remember, there is only 1 Taiwan!

About the Author

I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

82 Responses to “ Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent ”

  1. I am proud for Taiwan. The country is independent and NOT a province of China. It had seperated from China long ago. =D

  2. CHECK OUT THIS VIEW: (this was posted by someone else, I just copy and paste)

    “Taiwan is not a country, so of course it cannot become independent.

    In order to explain this, let’s first consider the situation of the Republic of China on Taiwan. What is the status of the ROC on Taiwan? Is it the legal government of Taiwan? The following three facts are important:

    1) A comprehensive examination of the historical record fails to find that any of the Allies recognized that the sovereignty of Taiwan had been transferred to the ROC on the Oct. 25, 1945 date of the surrender of Japanese troops. In other words, there was no “Taiwan Retrocession Day.”

    2) In the post-war San Francisco Peace Treaty, Japan renounced all claims over Taiwan, but the ROC was not designated as the “receiving country.”

    3) Additionally, the ROC National Assembly has never completed the procedures for the incorporation of Taiwan into ROC national territory as per Article 4 of the ROC Constitution.

    The only possible conclusion is that the Taiwan is not part of ROC territory, hence the ROC government is not the legal government of Taiwan. Then, since the PRC bases its claims to Taiwan on the “successor government principle,” the PRC cannot be considered the legal government of Taiwan either !!

    The One China Policy simply says that the PRC is the sole legitimate government of China. That is all that it says. In July 2007 the Congressional Research Service (CRS) published a report for the US Congress entitled “Evolution of the One China Policy.” In the Summary at the beginning of that report the following points were made –
    (1) The United States did not explicitly state the sovereign status of Taiwan in the three US-PRC Joint Communiques of 1972, 1979, and 1982.
    (2) The United States “acknowledged” the “One China” position of both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
    (3) US policy has not recognized the PRC’s sovereignty over Taiwan;
    (4) US policy has not recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country; and
    (5) US policy has considered Taiwan’s status as undetermined.

    In light of the above, the UN referendum is totally pointless and a waste of money.

    According to the provisions of the post-war San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1952, Taiwan remains as an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of the military arm of the US government — the United States Military Government. In regard to Taiwan, the United States is the principal occupying power.

    The position of the ROC in Taiwan is merely (a) a subordinate occupying power, beginning Oct. 25, 1945, and (b) a government in exile, beginning mid-December 1949.

    Taiwan is not a country, and cannot be admitted to the UN. Taiwan is an overseas territory under the jurisdiction of USMG.”

    I”M JUST TOSSING IN ANOTHER POINT-OF-VIEW… (not so sure if i agree with it yet. I need to do my own research too when i have time, but it sound pretty reasonable so far)

  3. My personal view:


    Down with ROC! and.. PRC (I felt so sorry for the unfortunate chinese living under oppression)

  4. It is funny that less and less people know Taiwan is a country now, because Taiwan can’t tell the world that Taiwan is a country. Otherwise China is going to bomb Taiwan. I have been staying in Canada for 7 years now, and I didn’t have much problems with the teachers here 3 years ago. However, more and more ESL teachers in the Universities here are telling their students that Taiwan is a part of China. Let says there are 16 students, and 10 from China, 1 from Korea, 1 from India, 2 from Japan, and 2 from Taiwan. How does that make the Taiwanese students feel? My sister was there, and the China students were laughing at my sister. She was so upset that she didn’t want to go to school after all. I always thought the teachers in Canada are well educated, but maybe the knowledge of the teachers are not so great nowadays. Teachers are the guidance of the students, but what would that effect the students when the teachers give out the wrong information. How sad…

  5. What a bunch of craps !

    # 7 : TW a last bastion of trad chinese ? What about HK and Macao ?
    # 6 : A TW flag ? ts ts ts sorry guys it’s a Chinese flag, TW flag is the Nigerian one with a green spot in the middle. By the Way, HK and MC has their own flagas well.
    # 5 : Currency ? HK and Macao has their own…
    # 4 The Taiwanese Military ? Once again, it’s ROC’s army, I don’t to tell you what ROC’s “C” means…

    As you guessed I’m TW but Chinese as well. I do not support TW independance as well (am not very worry about that thougt, it’s not gonna likely to happen)

  6. OK. I usually prefer to remain calm about comments here but you are an idiot. I would prefer if you read the article and attempted to understand the meaning of the words that are written on the page…

    My post was why Taiwan is independent, not Macao or Hong Kong. You’ve done little to refute any of the evidence.

    The post says Taiwan is one of the last bastions of traditional Chinese. Taiwan does have a flag, and it isn’t China’s flag. They may both be red but they are different. I won’t address your # 5. Taiwan or ROC military. You’re trying to argue semantics here and doing a piss poor job. I hope there aren’t many more Taiwanese like you or Taiwan is doomed.

  7. I have a few friends from China and whenever they talk about the Taiwan and China issue (or pretty much any other issue), they always regurgitate the same Chinese government propaganda. And when I try to dig deeper into their opinions, they are never able to give a logical cohesive argument. It seems like a lot people from China simply and blindly believe what their government tells them… well they have little choice with state controlled media, no free speech, censored internet.

    What’s more surprising is that a lot of Chinese people that are living outside of China still prefer to read and believe their own media. They completely discount any non-China media, especially when it reports news that undermine China or the Chinese government.

  8. you guys just not understand what is country means, country is a kind of orgernization of politics. you wanna be independent, so what? you are still a humen. acturelly, there are lots of stupid people in our world, especially patriotism. we are all the human, no matter chinese, taiwanese, france, american. right? now we are classified into different countries due to developing human. but no day we will be a union called human when some day we can travel into deeper space.
    i love every people who are kindhearted other than ever. politics is evil leading people to do something. acturelly, our natures should lead us do. you may not understand, just thingk about what you acturelly are““just some carbon and water

  9. @wayne
    I agree that we are all humans, but I disagree on your naive view on countries and governments. Government plays a major role in the citizen’s lifestyle. Compare citizens of North Korea to those of Canada for example.
    Some people want Taiwan to be independent because they do not want to loose their liberty, free speech and freedom of information. China’s government still enforces oppressive restrictions on its citizens and brainwashes them into believing it is for their own good.

  10. Totally agree with wayne. It’s all politics. I just can’t see much good about politics, be it Canada, North Korea, USA, etc..
    But sadly wayne, I’m sure your ideal world (which I agree) wont happen. Cos it’s all about people wanting power over the people, be it North Korea, Canada, USA, China, etc… At the end of the day, like what u have said, we are just some carbon and water.

  11. Not all governments are bad. There are a lot of benevolent politicians. It is sad that sometimes when a past government performs badly or makes a few mistakes it taints future governments. Politicians are not omniscient, they are humans and do make mistakes. The decisions they need to make are truly difficult. However, there are some governments that only want power. I hope one day soon they see past that and not let something like the Tiananmen Square massacre repeat itself.

  12. i am sick and tired of clueless chinese people talking about things that they have “learned” that comes directly from their governments mouth. everything they say is a carbon copy of what is published in their government mouthpiece newspapers and state controlled TV propaganda. The internet is heavily censored, which most chinese seem blissfully unaware of or even don’t care about, foreign satelite TV channels are illegal for them and almost all information they know is spoon fed to them directly from their fascist government.

    i really like the ordinary chinese people, i find them kind and curious and quite down to earth but i cannot talk with them in depth about anything because they are blinded by propoganda and ignorance and refuse to believe anything that come from the rest of the world because “mummy” says it’s not true. wether it’s taiwan, tibet, xinjiang, chairman mao, tiananmen square etc etc etc

    wake up chinese and see your government for what it is and not what “mummy” wants you to see it as. or alternatively continue with your “ignorance is bliss” attitude. it’s not the rest of the world china. it’s you.

  13. obviously, ShangQian is NOT a Taiwanese name. Only Chinese people use “Q” as a phonetic alphabet; it sounds like “ch” in their translated system. Don’t pretend you are a Taiwanese, Shang”Q”ian. that looks stupid.

  14. I have to agree with CY that governments play a crucial role in everyone’s lives. The point of having a government is to avoid anarchy. Next you say that that we are classified into different countries when we are all the same. I would have to say wrong because of one thing which is culture. Every country has a culture that makes them unique hence why everyone doesn’t use a fork and spoon and not everyone believes in the same thing.

    As for the Taiwanese independence I don’t think it will hurt them economically as I would have to say show proof or shut up. I can’t say much for culture as I am not Taiwanese or Chinese.

  15. Just to save the energy of guessing my background, I was born and raised in Taiwan, and am I now living in North America. I have met a great many of Chinese people, and excluding those who are extremely patriotic, most of them were very genuine and friendly. We got along and we try our very best to tolerate the different opinions. I do however, notice the differences in culture, and when I mean culture, it is referring to the values and concepts, fashion trend, accents, and even the choices of words in Mandarin. Although we understand each other, but we don’t really “click” because there is an existing gap in terms of our values and way of communication. And how does that relate to the main topic here? Well, I can’t really picture myself “united” with them. Don’t get me wrong here – I respect China and I won’t ignore the fact that my ancestors were from there. I love studying the ancient Chinese history; I believe Chinese is a beautiful language and I’m very glad that I was able to learn the traditional style. However, Taiwan is the place where I was born, raised and educated. I love Taiwan. To be honest, it is hard for me to actually feel anything when it comes to China. Because to me it just seems so far away.

  16. I just wanna say that I’m with you and I recognize Taiwan as a real nation, as a country!!! I’m from Europe but now I’m leaving in Japan and here I met lot of Chinese and I don’t like them very much, but I also met some Taiwanese and they are 10 times better then the Chinese!!!
    So yay for Taiwan!!!!!!

  17. i am a Taiwanese. There was a survey(the topic is “are you taiwanese or chinese?) in taiwan indicating that over 70 percent people in taiwan think we are taiwanese instead of chinese. So i think everyone should respect our though and choice.

  18. guys am doing an asssignment here on Taiwan,can u plz help me by telling me is it independent on not,if not nwhy?

  19. It is independent but china says it isn’t. Very complicated.


    What if I offer you RMB $10,000 but had to take away your Last name? Would you agree to that?

    Business opportunities is not the biggest part of this situation. The missle threat from across the strait is.

    So if I ask you, if I had a gun point at you, and ask you to give up all your fortune, would you agree?

    Maybe you will do it for the money, but many won’t.

  21. Taiwan really should be independent!!

  22. Taiwan Really should be Independent from China, since Chiang Kai Shek founded Taiwan on the belief that they should waste the Communists. Taiwan its own country and they shouldn’t be bullied by China because of it, since China doesn’t have the guts to say that Taiwan isn’t a country but only deny its existance. China is a really big, fat, bully!!!

    Taiwan Independence!!!!

  23. Good Luck to Taiwan in maintaining its independence! Consider the simple facts of allowing people their natural right to achieve their own established goals of economic freedom.

    Average annual income in Taiwan (denominated in U.S. $)

    Average annual income in China (denominated in U.S. $)

    Percent of total population living below the poverty level
    (according to the United Nations Development Council

    China 28%

    Taiwan 1.8%

    Looks like the Taiwanese People have taken pretty good care of themselves without an oppressive governmental system. And logic would suggest Taiwan may be an uncomfrtable reminder of what unoppressed people can do and this may be too much for the communists to bear.

    Vive l’Indépendance!!

  24. Thanks for the links. Good stuff.

  25. I think all oriental countries want independence from each other, in fact it’s a historical recurrence. I don’t get just where it will take them, independent to the point of each individual owning their own private island?

  26. All oriental countries do have independence from each other. They are countries. Taiwan is the exception. They are independent, but interdependent as well.

  27. Taiwan should remain independent from the PRC. The best fact being that the PRC’s focus is not truly on economic development for the benefit of its people but for the benefit of the People’s Liberation Army, which it continues to finance on a level relatively similar to the U.S. Government and its military. The PRC is not a bad country, but the Communist Party of China which actively seeks to deteriorate world peace so China can reclaim its old image before the “One Hundred Years of Humiliation” at the hands of Western Empires. What is the point of this? The CPC also claims to be not want Hegemony, allow Taiwan to hold Democracy, allow Hong Kong Democracy, allow Macao Democracy and give Tibet limited Autonomy. However, the CPC is also best exemplified as a liar bent on its own interests. The CPC is taking advantage of the world out of pure selfishness. The CPC is abusive to all people it deals with, including all Han Chinese.

    If the CPC gains Taiwan they will only turn it into a military outpost similar to Hainan Island, and only for the reason of power projection, for resources and not to solve interior problems. So if the PRC was a Democracy? The problems directly related to the CPC would be cured, such as government accountability and a true need to listen to the people, in comparative analysis to the U.S. Democracy I find it effective but purely in operation, consider that the U.S. was the first country to have a president, nowadays everyone wants presidential rule, Democracy IS the next step in all government. The CPC is Communist, the PRC is Communist is it more effective now? No, there is WIDESPREAD corruption within the PRC, and its not even a free choice Democracy but possesses this state sponsored corruption, is that responsible? How about the Government owning most of the country’s industry? Allowing bad loans to hurt the economy? This isn’t even a totally free market economy yet the CPC is failing in ways similar to Soviet Russia in later periods except in supporting democratic reform to maintain its domination.

    In Conclusion, Taiwan should maintain Independence because the PRC would do nothing but ruin it for the sake of militaristic gain, no matter what, War between the two nations (Taiwan and People’s Republic of China) is inevitable because the People’s Liberation Army and thus Communist Party Of China due to the relation between the “Party and The Gun” view reunification as “the sacred mission”. Taiwanese will not surrender their beautiful nation (aesthetically, socially or politically)to a Party that views itself greater than all forces on Earth, including that of nature, lest they become another ambition of the PRC to attain Global Hegemony and commit the same acts of Colonialism they condemn for being committed against them


    What if I offer you RMB $10,000 but had to take away your Last name? Would you agree to that?

    Business opportunities is not the biggest part of this situation. The missle threat from across the strait is.

    So if I ask you, if I had a gun point at you, and ask you to give up all your fortune, would you agree?

    Maybe you will do it for the money, but many won’t.

  29. İ am from Turkey and i actually curious about matter also all international matters. I know china is not a good country to live in. But isn’t it smarter to not to be a main base to prc’s enemys. in the end if a war happens all taiwan burn in to ash, you guys don’t have anything to gain from that. if you guys join prc in your own terms like full autonomy isn’t it be smarter? And by the way your differences are joke, “we useing traditional chinise and they don’t” is a joke, even russians and ukrainans have more difference, but i hope you guys resist china, they are a bane to world, when they erase your country from maps your fight for “democrasi” will be rememberd. Not:i said my naton only for saying i am not a chnese, other way my people not have any problem with yours and a some problems with china (they have some land belongs to our relatives)

  30. We have a president, we have a government, we have great health care, we have a beautiful country! China is just petty and aggressive and doesn’t want to admit defeat by ceding Taiwan. The United States was formed because the pilgrims did not agree with European rule. Taiwan was formed because Chiang Kai Shek and his followers did not agree with communism. Same situation. Yet, Taiwan isn’t recognized. It is ridiculous.

  31. First of all, Taiwan is not a sovereign state. It is a defacto, sovereign state. Taiwan is in reality a U.S. customs territory since the treaty of san francisco 1951.
    one must realize the chinese civil war is not over. Why? because no treaty has ever been signed between the commies and the nats. the nationalists retreated to taiwan from the mainland and have been governing taiwan ever since. that means the republic of china gov. governs taiwan.
    the r.o.c. also claims the mainland as theres as does the commies. the commies claim taiwan but never possessed it. the nats have occupied it since 1945 and the r.o.c government moved there in 1949. the japs surrendered there claims of taiwan to the u.s. without sovreignty because, being a defeatd nation, there renounced theres. so in reality, taiwan is a u.s. customs territory. the u.s. has legal status in lieu of sovreignty. the commies have no right to taiwan at all. why? because the nats never surredered to the commies and the commies invaded korea during the korean war making them an enemy of the west. the koresn war isn’t over yet either, its only a truce and can resume at any moment. so can the civil war with the commies and the nats.
    the u.s doesn’t officially recognize the r.o.c. taiwan but they do unofficially and support it for strategic and political reasons. the republic of china nats. govern taiwan. few countries recognize the r.o.c. taiwan, but not as the republic of taiwan.
    the flag is not a taiwanese flag. it is the republic of china flag. the government is the republic of china. the nats only have right to oocupy taiwan and govern by military gov not civil, as does the u.s. as princilple occupiers. but because of the complicated political and economical climate the u.s. keeps a reticent attitude toawrd the situation and says nothing of what i just explained.
    by treaty, the u.s has taiwan as a customs territory. they are the only country that legally can govern taiwan by military gov. and can reccommend taiwan to establish a civil gov. the u.s. doesn’t dispute the r.o.c governiong by civil authority because they are tecnically an ally.
    the nats are allowed to by right to occupy, as a gov in exile status, which is also questionable. the u.s allows it because its one less place they have to spend time and money governing on there own. the r.o.c is an ally, but not officially recognized as they should be as a sovreign state because no one has sovreignty but the u.s. has the next best thing, legal status that no one else has.
    it is taiwan that should be recognized as the republic of china, taiwan because it is the nationalist government that govetrns them.
    of course the commies do not point out any of this because it doesn’t favor them. but it is true and they know it. they just don’t like it, because they are commies bent on taking over any way they can.
    the taiwan situation is still ultimately uncertain. what continues to exist is an attitude of strategic ambiguity which simply avoids the inevitable, full scale war that can re-ignite at any time.

  32. Taiwan claims to be not China but that’s not how their ‘founding father’ Chang Kai Check saw it. He fled to Taiwan as the last piece of China he could go to. For many years the world considered Taiwan the real China, representing China in the UN and just temporariliy struggling with a bunch of communists on the mainland.
    Turned out quite differently.
    But of course Taiwan must stay out of China’s claws although economicaly Taiwan already surrendered, it can’t be separated anymore.
    On the other hand, a ‘free’ Taiwan is much more useful to the Chinese than an occupied one. Taiwan is China’s role model in developing capitalism and democracy.

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