Tobie Openshaw’s Betelnut Girls Photo Exhibition

It opens on Saturday, Feb 24th at 2:30 at 396-1 Ren Ai Road, Taipei. Check out some of his collection of betelnut girl pictures. If just seeing some pictures isn’t good enough, there will be several betelnut girls in attendance. You can ask them any of the burning questions that you’ve been dying to ask a betelnut girl!


Betelnut girl Sally, from Tobie Openshaw

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7 Responses to “ Tobie Openshaw’s Betelnut Girls Photo Exhibition ”

  1. I went to the opening on Saturday and met Tobie and Xiao Juan. The exhibition really is great and communicates so much about the lives of the betel nut girls.

  2. hi i hope you can help me i am from South Africa and would like to get in touch with MR Openshaw about a article he published in 1993.



  3. Here is the last email he provided us with:


    Hope that helps…

  4. Just saw the comment from “Peter”. Peter if you see this drop me a line a

  5. I was wondering, how do you know which betel nut girls will go home with you and sleep with you, and which ones won’t? Is there a way to tell? If you just ask them directly, they may get mad and slap you. So is there another way?

  6. I have no way of knowing. You could ask taxi drivers becasue they tend to know all of the seedy/illegal things going on. Prostitution is still a thriving industry in Taiwan. Some betelnut girls let you buy one (pack of betelnuts) and get 2 (breasts) for an additional fee. I saw a video of this and heard about it too. Ultimately, it is all about local knowledge of who the betelnut seller is and that would take an investigation.

  7. Win, my friend – betelnut girls sell betelnut in their stalls and are on an 8-hour shift. They can’t leave their stall unattended to go “home” with you. I guess it’s possible to negotiate with SOME betelnut girls to go on a date (paid or otherwise) after work, but in my long experience this is not usual. Yes there are some areas of the country where you can pay more and get a flash or a feel (if that’s your thing) but really, this is not universal. If you are really desperate and utterly unable to find a willing and unpaid-for date in Taiwan (in which case your problems are bigger than you think) then I suggest you call a “special massage” service.


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