The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung

They are nearly here.   I can honestly say I am relieved this event is almost started (and finished).   If you don’t know about the World games, the can be looked at as the bastard son of the Olympics and contains an assortment of pseudo-sports.   Have you ever played tchoukball?  Tried your hand at korfball? I think korfball will stump even the best of you.  There are, however, some more normal sports mixed into the medley backyard games.   Softball and racquetball are included.

I’ll admit it does have some cool sports as well.  It has a martial arts division, as well as tug of war, bowling adn billiards. I am all for sports where you can drink a six-pack and become better at it.  And by the way, I will be glued to the sumo wrestling component.

Kaoshiung has undergone a great transformation in advance of the games, so make sure to go if you can.  I know it won’t make upo for all of the traffic you had to wait in for the past 5 years but I know you’ll take comfort in knowing that other foreigners won’t have any idea about the crap that was there before.

For more information about the games, check out their website or jump straight to the important stuff:

Taiwan World Games 2009 Schedule

A list of included sports

World games 2009 venues

Info for those wishing to get tickets and what not

Their main website

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