The Real Taiwan T-shirt

This is the latest shirt design ready to hit the press. We’re going to change the red “com” to a Chinese character but we can’t decide which one we should use.

Got any ideas? I’ll tell you what, if we choose your idea for a char., we’ll give you a free shirt. Hao bu hao?
CPC shirt

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6 Responses to “ The Real Taiwan T-shirt ”

  1. How about the characters for “real” 真正.

  2. Yeah that’s a great one! Is there anyway we could just make it one Character though? I can fit that in but it won’t look as good as a single.

    Thanks for the great input.

  3. I had someone recommend Diao (屌 [diao3] /penis/). As you can see, it means penis, but it’s meaning is changing among the youth, into something that means “cool”. You could even say, “Ni hen Diao” and not mean you are a penis. Jay Zhou says it often (form what I was told) in his songs, and likely is the cause of the change.

  4. So when and where can we buy this shirt? How much?

  5. These are both very good questions. I’ll put out a preliminary answer.

    You can buy the shirts in Tainan, or perhaps by mail. I think it should be 50 – 100 NT to ship a shirt within Taiwan.

    How much? It depends on the actual cost which we don’t know yet. It isn’t a profit making venture, so expect them to be under NT 400. Again, depending on the cost. Any requests for sizes?

  6. Contact me directly and we’ll discuss any potential purchases…

    You live in Tainan???

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