Taiwan Festival: The Peace Festival 2008

This year’s Peace Festival is from June 13th – June 15th at Kun Lun Gardens in Longtan, Taoyuan county (near the Shi Men Dam). Admission is NT NT 700 (600 if you have a flyer) for a 3 – day pass.

I have been going to the Peace Festival for the past 4 years and have watched it grow from being a little festival to something that attracts many hundreds of people. It was shocking last year to see the difference in the amount festival goers that made their way to Long tan. With all of the good press and support from the many people donating their time, it is no wonder this event has been growing like it has.

This is one event I highly recommend going to. If you are looking for a nice weekend getaway, love music, partying, and meeting new people than this is a great event for you. Not everything has always been great, but from what I have heard, they have taken steps to improve the event.

I believe one of the challenges for the Peace Festival staff will be maintaining the low key, down to Earth, community feeling with what will likely be even more people this year. They have made several adjustments I know of, and moving the camping area away from the main area will open up more space towards the edges and rear of the partying area as well as allow people to sleep. I must be getting old or something, but I am looking forward to a few hours of shuteye this year. This all stems from some of the crazy nights that had developed in years past and my usual total of about 6 hours of sleep for the entire weekend.

If you want more information, check out the Peace Festival website.

Here is a link to Peace Festival photo galleries from years back.

I recommend you not forget to bring a flashlight, insect repellent, ear plugs (because there are always about 5 people that snore at about 100 decibels), extra water, a frisbee or ball of some kind, and a great attitude.

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  1. Do you have photos from past Peacefests? Would you recommend taking a 2 year old?

  2. I would recommend taking her. Aliya went last year and was fine. Here are the photos:

    Peace Festival photo galleries

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