The only good girls are Taipei girls

‘The only good girls are Taipei girls……..’
told to me by someone when i first came here

If you live in Taipei, consider yourself fortunate. There are TONS of quality ladies there- OUTSTANDING ladies that you will feel fortunate to have known, no matter what happens between the two of you.There are many who are ready to have a boyfriend and will treat you right.And the odds are on your side mathematically. Look at the demographics: urban and metro population of Taipei is 5,000,000 people!!!!! All confined into a city the size of Baltimore!Most dependent on public transportation. You’re bound to run into somebody that suits you.

However, if you are out of Taipei or other MAJOR city, you’re mostly out of luck.I have listened to more than one guy outside Taipei complaining about not getting any action at all. If you live outside Taipei(or Tai Chong etc), I suggest making a two day trip to there a regular weekly thing, just to meet people.
That said, even in Taipei there are a few types of women that I find unique to Taiwan that one should watch out for. They are not the majority, but they exist in enough numbers to make your dating life a serious pain. Here they are:

1. Miss English- always talking in English( except to her girl buddies),and always preparing for some English proficiency test, Miss English is goal oriented. People around her don’t matter, except those who fit into her academic plans. You are basically language practice. Any attention she shows you is to keep you on the hook. Also, her talk about former foriegn boyfriends she claims to have had will depress you.
Sex with her would probably involve you teaching her all the synonyms for the word ‘orgasm’, as well as correcting her pronunciation when she moans.
Avoid her.

2. Miss Group Think– you make a date with MGT, only for her to call you up (or worse show up) and say ‘can i bring a friend?’ Miss Group Think does not trust her own judgment and needs you to be screened by her friends. Of course, you will not pass the test. Her friends will pick out anything that’s different about you and judge it as a fault (the Chinese way of looking at things is always right). But it’s worse than that.
Many times, MGT has thought it over and decided she’s not really ready to go out with you, but can’t get out of the date. So, she is letting you know that you’re just friends by bringing her friend. You CANNOT win this situation. If you get angry, that is ‘proof’ that you were unstable and not worth her time.
Nothing will come of any effort with MGT. My advice: just leave her there with her friend.

3. Miss Xenophobia– closely related to Miss Group Think. Does the same things as MGT but for a different reason: she’s just not ready to spoil her squeaky clean dating record by actually going out with a foriegner. Miss Xenophobia is a product of decades of nationalist conditioning and quite frankly, a racist whether she knows it or not. Basically unreachable.

4. Miss ‘Don’t Know What My Vagina Is For’– runs in packs. thinks looking pretty is for her girlfriends, not the opposite sex. Is a clueless, sexual dud in a killer body. loves Hello Kitty. rejoices in making all men her friends.Is probably getting sex, but nobody can figure out from where. May have no need whatsoever for it, since her perceivable libido is zero.

5. Miss Drives Fast So You Can’t Look At Her- also wears one of the new full face sunvisors. These girls are hiding. They dress sexy to find Mr. Right, whoever he is (they don’t know either), and since you’re not him, you are just a nuisance who won’t stop looking at her. These girls drive excessively fast and one day will know what it’s like to be nipple-less, having scraped them off sliding 10 meters on the pavement at 80kph!
Another example of the excessive stupidity that shows itself in many- not the majority-but TOO MANY taiwanese women.You don’t have to avoid this woman. She’s avoiding you.

6. Miss Church- EITHER is trying hard to get away from whatever bad girl she used to be. or, is frigid and afraid of men and is hiding behind the church, but knows she needs a man, so she ‘marries’ Jesus, knowing He won’t get her into trouble. Asking this girl out for coffee, you might as well be asking her for a romp in the sack. ‘Oh i couldn’t go out with you unless you were my boyfriend.’ (catch 22)?
Of course, she can’t keep up this act forever and will look for a safe avenue to express her pent up sexuality. But the moment you return her advances, she will turn you away and say you misunderstood,i.e ‘ we’re all just friends.’ As with a lot of Taiwan girls, she just wanted the ‘atmosphere of a foriegner’ for a few moments, but just can’t go for real.

7. Miss 7-11- has lots of guys-tough strong, manly truck drivers- telling her she’s pretty everyday. What does she need you for? Nothing really, but atmosphere. She only enjoys the atmosphere of ‘that foriegn guy who comes in’. Maybe she feels she’s accomplished something because she’s ‘broken out of’ her xenophbia and actually talked to a foriegner. Her friends can say ‘wow’.
But if you think Miss 7-11 is going out with you, you’d better get your head out of the clouds. 7-11 girl only likes rough, tough men, and you, no matter how tough you are, are too nice for a down home taiwanese girl. Which brings us to….

8. Country Girls (in case you happen outside of Taipei)- no, they’re not sexually repressed bumpkins just waiting to release it on a foriegn guy. They’re already getting PLENTY of sex, from TAI KE GE GE(those tough, gangster jerks). To her, you with all your foriegner -nice -guy- treat- women-right stuff, just aren’t manly. You have to understand: all country girl has ever seen are the tough types.That’s her image of a man. She knows if she wants anything from them, she has to offer up more than flirting. These guys don’t give a you know what about women, and they get it ALL. CGs treat you nice because you give them something they can’t get from their boyfriends- true niceness. But you are just for that and NOTHING MORE. All sexual attention and attraction is reserved for her good for nothing truck driver boyfriend, who by the way, doesn’t know how to smile, only smirk.

9. Miss ‘Women Looking For Men.Com’ or whatever site she posts on-you would think this girl would fall into one of two types: nice girl looking for a quality guy and is READY to date or 2., sex craved nympho who likes foriegners, but you would be wrong(about 1.).
When you meet 1., she’ll make you jump thru the same hoops as Miss Group Think. She’s NOT READY to date, no matter what she posts. 2. is no fun and quite frankly, psychotic. Trust me- nymphos are nothing to brag about on your sexual resume.

10. Miss Sky High Standard- nothing is good enough for this woman. The days when a foriegn guy was considered a catch are over. You’ll surely run into a greencard digger in Taiwan. Taiwan has been quite successful at boosting the self esteem of women here thru the roof. Even your nice, cozy house that you can buy in the States, Canada, or Australia isn’t good enough for her. You’re not president of Taiwan Bank. You’re not good enough. Close relative to Miss Xenophobia.

So there you are. The stuff to avoid. Good luck……….

About the Author

Ran the Man is a musician,martial artist, language teacher, and defrocked renegade missionary (really). He has spoken Mandarin for over 20 years and been in Taiwan for over 10. He can be found occasionally in some God-forsaken dives in central Taiwan, where he drinks Coke and rum. See more of Ran's musings at his blog - The Truth About Taiwan

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  1. PS. do NOT get impatient. one month is NOT too long for this process to work on them. to a tawainese woman, moving too fast on what she wants to do means she is a slut (to her). you HAVE TO let her desire build and BYPASS any care about whether or not she’s a good girl anymore. one month is NOT too long.
    meet, exchange contacts (ESPECIALLY MSN) and walk away. DO NOT contact her.
    and NEVER act too happy. NEVER let any woman think you’ve fallen for her.once you do that, you place your value BELOW hers.
    keep your VALUE high and her INTEREST will follow.
    it’s a cruel game. but those are the operating parameters we’ve been given in this world. the other exists only in the movies, at least from my experience.

  2. I’m an AbTaiwanese and I don’t even know how I stumbled across this. It’s really funny and true, so true.

    My bf is white and I live in l A. When I went back to Taiwan a few months ago I saw some girls with their White friends/boyfriends/lovers.. and those girls walked like they were queens and all us other girls should sit around and worship her. I never used to notice when I went back until recently.

    I was getting my haircut and the hair stylist asked me, “How is it with a white man?” Hmm, I don’t know.. the same? Until I was talking to my close friend from Taiwan and she did say it was a big deal which led her to think all white guys in Taiwan are stuck up and dirty. Dirty as in man whore.

    I think you guys are intimidating for Taiwan girls. They think you guys are probably horrible sex addicts, alcoholics, abusers. & you call them dumb? hahaha, they’re probably think you westerners are the dumb ones.

  3. LOL

  4. they probably think we are all bad, but when you have shown someone REPEATEDLY that you are NOT, what can i say? they still don’t believe you. they had rather believe what they’ve been told rather than what their eyes have seen.
    this is a product of IRRATIONAL cultures. western culture is experiential. we believe thru experience. other cultures teach beliefs based on tradition or what the majority percieves something to be, not from actual experience in that area.
    a good example was written once about a husband and a wife who could choose which day to have their baby. Monday was an ausipicous holiday, but tuesday was better because nobody wanted tuesday, meaning you would have the doctor’s full attention on that day. in fact, they would have 7 doctors at their disposal that day! the couple was advised by parents to pick the auspicious day,even though tuesday was better.
    as long as there is IRRATIONALISTIC belief system in taiwan, there will continue to be people who believe what they are TOLD to believe rather than what their 5 senses and common sense tells them to.

  5. Ran – This post is still getting a lot of attention! It is an honest and straightforward look into Taiwanese women. What will be the next post on this subject?

  6. john,
    yo dude. good to hear from you!
    I’ve been kicking back a lot thinking about the next addition to this. i’ve decided on a “how to meet girls” article (sorry for any of you western girls who want to meet taiwanese guys- i have no expertise in that area^^).

  7. MJKlein, I am not a “bad man”. I do not do anything illegal, and I am sweet and romantic and flirtatious. In Europe, Russia and Latin America that is considered normal and manly. But you gotta understand that Taiwan is one of the most prudish and frigid places in the world. And very repressed. You get the sense here that even having sexual desires here is not allowed. I am NOT imagining things. Anyone who denies it is in denial or full of it.

    Just because I have sexual desires and I like hot women, does not make me a “bad man”. Such desires are natural, though they exist in varying degrees among men. What kind of logic is it to say that a guy who loves beautiful women and dating them or making love to them is “bad”? Why am I supposed to enjoy prudish frigid women who won’t even shake your hand? How is that in my best interest?

  8. Wu master,
    i totally agree. this country is full of sexual prudes.
    these people are against nature itself. every young buck is looking to mate. it’s nature. my faith warns me about people such as these,ie “…without natural affection” (2 Timothy 3:3)as well as other types which are indictive of the present generation “high minded, lovers of self”, etc.
    basically, they’ve had any natural affection bred right out of them thanks to the modern value system.
    the end goal of the dating game is to obtain a life partner. as a former missionary, i would be gravely amiss to teach you otherwise. however, as a PRACTICAL PERSON who has seen what happens when you “play by the rules” i’m willing to help you guys out, because THE DECK IS STACKED AGAINST YOU!
    i may be an angel with dirty wings, but so be it. next article is about how to make these women go nuts for you.
    til then, take care.
    ran the man

  9. i really like this article on tiapei girls hit me up on myspace u know where i be soo-woo send me a message ladies

  10. “They dress sexy to find Mr. Right, whoever he is (they don’t know either), and since you’re not him, you are just a nuisance who won’t stop looking at her. These girls drive excessively fast and one day will know what it’s like to be nipple-less, having scraped them off sliding 10 meters on the pavement at 80kph!”

    ha ha – just can’t stop.

  11. these girls actually run thru their whole lives. they’re afraid that fate might put something in their way that they don’t want. it’s good that she runs away, because that type of person you definitely DON’T NEED in your life.

  12. Ran the Man, dude, shot through the heart, in your face advice. I ‘m not gonna thank you, ‘cuz the same stuff’s been in my head for years. It’s all a fricken’ game! Just keep moving forward guys. Mr. Ran the Man, thank you though for your postings. You are the light!

  13. Hey, the groupie ( I call the ‘gaggle’)the classic counter measure is a wing man, most of time this tactic cuts through any cock-blockage like hot knife through butter. But really, most of those fast running women are go-getters who wants to get away from their disappointments in life and that often was due to their having unrealistic expectations (aka they don’t want to grow up). So depends on where you set your goals, you just can’t take all these things too serious.

    There are more English speaking Taiwanese and more foreigners in Taipei too so there will be more cross cultural dating there.As far as Taipei girls being the most likely to date dumb foreigners, I can see no evidence of that.There are plenty of girls, even here in lovely Tainan, that are more than willing to date dumb foreigners.
    Ran, you forgot a group, and it is called the Groupie.This would go against what you say but these girls need a foreigner and will stop at nothing to get one, and have likely had several in their grasp before (starting to gross you out yet?).They frequent foreigner restaurants, pubs, and discos.You know who I am talking about.

  14. Like the advice you give on Taiwanese girls.

    Met one here in Australia some 6 weeks ago, seemed nice and chatty enough, met a few times at her work, here she even offered to show me aroung Taiwan should I want to go there, swapped phone numbers etc,( from here I wish I had seen your advice earlier) anyway, she said yes to a date, then later lets me know that she would like to bring along friends, which I hesitated at although didn’t say no, as I guessed the reason, then at time of date fails to show. Lets me know later on that her cellphone failed, so couldn’t call.( i did wonder why she didn’t use hers friends) Since then have seen her a couple of times at her work where she is always chatty and even when asked about another date she always leaves the option open without committing herself.
    All this was over a period of 6 weeks, my best bet I believe is to forget about her as I think she seems to fit into your MGT category and I guess I have chased her too much and she obviously enjoys fishing.( I am the fish, if you see my meaning)

  15. dear roby t,
    thanks for sharing your experience. i’m sorry you had to go thru that.

    basically you don’t need a wishy washy group think imp like her. FORGET HER!! there are TOO MANY QUALITY GIRLS here to worry about her!

    ride the MRT. talk to as many chicks as you can.

  16. ran the man: dear roby t,thanks for sharing your experience. i’m sorry you had to go thru that.basically you don’t need a wishy washy group think imp like her. FORGET HER!! there are TOO MANY QUALITY GIRLS here to worry about her!ride the MRT. talk to as many chicks as you can.

    Thanks for the reply and the advice.

    Later this year I intend, all going well that is, to visit Taiwan.
    Even the girl in question had said Taiwanese girls are pretty and smart girls to get to know.
    I hope my own short experience will help someone else as much as your advice can.

    Once again cheers and thanks

  17. Umm I know Hugh’s post was a couple years back. But I hope you’re still alive dude. From the way you type, you read like you are suicidal.. Take my advice and stop being a needy loser, dude. And I mean that in all the best. Good luck.

  18. roby t,
    glad to hear you’re still keeping on! that’s what you have to o – KEEP ON KEEPING ON no matter what!

    i hope you’re doing ok, drop me a letter to let me know how you are

  19. Ha ha ha same in Jakarta (Indonesia). Sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!

  20. i m from Dubai, male 40, looking friend. i m planing to come there in a month

  21. i m looking nail polish menufecturer in taiwan , is any body can help me for that?

  22. it’s just really funny reading this page and the replies of this topic.
    i think it hard to manage every girls in taiwan into few groups of kind .
    i just wonder if all these things you guys are talking about only happens in taiwan??
    because they seem like stuff that lots of girls would do no matter where they from . right?

  23. i am kumar,from india,31,single,self employed.i like taiwan girls

    looking for a taiwan partner

  24. Guys!!I have a question in my mind and can’t finger out the answer. If there are only two girls in the world, will you choose

    1.Dumb but cute taiwanese girl2.Smart but never gives you a damn western girl

    I don’t know. I’m confused, too. What will be your answer?

    well i don’t really feel good with the dump taiwanese girl part . first , it seem like all the taiwanese girls are dump . second,i’m sorry that western girls don’t give you a shxt. well then you have no choice but date with we dump taiwanese girls right? is that why you are here in taiwan?
    and you know dump people usually get alone with dump people more coz they can laugh at some dump jokes together 🙂 nice

  25. You sound a little bitter Ann. Sorry that you had some problems with sex addict foreigners. I think you need to admit the Taiwanese girls that go with foreigners are into the foreigner fetish bad boy thing. Your mother will never let you go with a foreigner, that is why you do it.

  26. noo i totally have no problem with it.i was replying “orpheus” .white people are usually very charming.
    sorry that i didn’t make my words clear that dating taiwanese girl is nothing bad. i was just mad about “orpheus” adding “dumb”word in front of taiwanese girls. it seem like all the taiwanese girls are dumb. you know what i mean?

  27. If you’re good looking or funny or have money and confident and know how to play the game back all the above doesnt really matter. You’ll do well anywhere….
    If you’re a loser….you’ll have the same problem everywhere…

  28. more important is our mind. we must need kind peacefull honest.

  29. 99% of good guys will get burned due to no fault of there own, sadly enough. Women say they want a good man, but really they want to step into the dark-side. Someone once said….Gotta be a little bad to be so good…..which basically means…….RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

  30. ghostmedic,
    well said!^^

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