The Many Flavors in Taiwan

It should come as no surprise that people have different tastes. Whenever I am in a different country, I always like to browse through the supermarket aisles to get a sense of what people like to eat. Here in Taiwan, it’s interesting to find that although we can buy the same brands of certain foods as in the US, the flavors are quite different. This is most pronounces when walking through the junk food aisle. It’s hard to know if marketing research was done to determine which flavors would become popular in Taiwan versus the States. What I do know is after several taste tests, the flavors available in Taiwan are just not my cup of tea.

About the Author

Chieni was born in Taiwan and moved to the States permanently when she was 12. This means she grew up both in Taiwan and in the US. Now she looks at Taiwan both as an insider and an outsider. She is an insider because she speaks the language and knows some of the customs. She is an outsider because she doesn’t always understand the customs. She has a beautiful little girl now to show off to her family and the locals.

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