The Ecstasy is Weak Parts V Fear and Loathing at Spring Scream

This is a story submitted by Taika Alyosha. I personally don’t know this person and he hasn’t responded to any follow up emails so I couldn’t ascertain if this story was fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it makes for an interesting read. Here is part 5 of the 6 that were submitted.

Part V: In Search of the GZA

Georgie waited for us on the fringes of the Deadly Vibes dance fray, and accosted us as we walked out. He asked us if we still wanted to go see the GZA (the DJ from the Wu-Tang Clan), who was supposed to be playing in a hotel downtown. “Hell ya”, we replied. Georgie said that he could get us two tickets for NT$600 each, even though the regular price was supposed to be NT$1500. We agreed that we’d get three tickets and split the total. But, if we wanted to get there in time, we had to leave right away, so we tromped back over the giant grassy hill for the last time of the night, and got in cab.

It should be noted that the various spin-off parties held on the same weekend as Spring Scream, which sport names like Spring Wave, and Spring Jam, etc., are notorious for advertising big name acts that never materialize. We knew that there was a good chance that the GZA wouldn’t show at this party, but it was too great an opportunity to pass up.

I’m not sure when, but sometime before we got to the hotel Shamus and I ate another half-pill of E each. This time the E was excellent. By the time we arrived, we were completely mangled. There was a long line up to get into the club in the hotel, so we decided to grab some beers and segue to the bathroom for a bump. In the stall I changed the tape in the recorder, just in time to capture the conversation. Around this point the drugs were really starting to dig in and beat us backwards. There is really no way to explain it, except to let you hear it for yourselves.

S: Alright, well, we found ourselves in a stall in a random hotel going to see the (shouting) GZAAAAAA!



T: We were having a little debate outside between the fucking stalls with these guys outside about why isn’t Canada fucking Alaska?

S: It’s down to Health Care.

T: I guess it wasn’t really a debate. It was more of like what’s the most awesome about Canada contest, ‘cause Canada’s fucking sick. We got snow, we got weed….

S: I’m seeing a reoccurring theme though.

T: (In eerie voice) ex-girlfriends…

S: We ran into Anya.

T: I know.

S: I know.

T: We did?

S: It wasn’t really that traumatic. It could’ve been worse.

T: No. She’s very good at handling that. It’s always been good at handling that.

S: And older guys.

(At this point we left the stall and returned to the line, where we met a mysterious Canadian girl that neither of us can remember, but the recorder got the conversation)

Ashely: How are you foreigners?

T: How are you?

A: Good. Ashley.

S: Shamus.

A: Shamus, where are you from?

S: Uh, Edmonton.

A: I lived in Edmonton.

S: Lock your doors.

T: Yeeaahhh. Fuck Edmonton!

A: Hateful. I felt like more of a, a foreigner in Edmonton than I did here.

T: I believe it man. I feel like more of a foreigner in my hometown than I do, than I do here.

A: Same, same situation.

T: Genuinely. Genuinely. You drop me down in middle of a fucking bunch of hockey playing rednecks, and…fuckin’…you drop me right down in the middle…it’s ok, it’s all good, its you know, it’s where I grown but…honestly, you put me down in there…

S: You got the eyes man. You got the eyes, right now.

T: I got…

S: You gotta open the eyes.

T: We need some pictures

S: Aughhhh, I’m…

T: We…I’m not clocking off.

S: I clocked. I clocked off…

T: But, I probably shouldn’t record much more of this meaningless bullshit, but…we are rolling fucking strong…

S: I want a transcript of this by the way.

(A couple of minutes later)

S: I just realized how fucking high I was.

T: Yeah, we’re really fucked.

S: I think we should finish our beers before we go in.

T: Uh, we should? We just realized that we’re really fucking high. We’re going to try and finish our beers before we walk in. Ohhh. Feels good. Everything…..seems…to go right. It’s all you can drink, from what I’ve been told. And I think we got the right bracelets. So, I think we’re going to go and drink and drink a lot. Lets go drink! Are you ready to drink?

S: Are you ready to drink?

Random Girl: I’m very well, thank you.

T: I’m not sure I’m prepared for what’s going to happen next. (Music gets really loud).

T: I’m walking down…I’m walking through the aisle of searching. They’re searching me. They’re looking for anything illegal. I guess I’ve been ok’d to go into the party, because, they said, I can go in. They looked at my shit. They like my shit.

(A few couple of minutes later)

T: This, is the life that we are leading. And this is the life that we wish to document for everyone else to see. From our perspective, the situation of the universe. And now, we are going to gravitate out into this here party. We’re going to raise fucking mad hell yo. This is going to be a sick party. This is going to be a fucking wonderful party. I do not know, how to explain…well, I probably can’t explain it, and I’m gonna turn this recorder mutherfucker off, ‘cause there’s no time for recording now. There’s always a time for doin something, and a time for doin it, and now is the time to do. Time to do, eh. No time to say.

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  2. This is sheer drivel, I’m sorry but this type of unsublte kindergarten ravings about drugs (hehehehe), girls looking like whores (hehehehe nipples hehehe) is mindnumbingly inane. Are you really a teacher becauseb if you are the aprents at your school are sure throwing their money, and their kids’ well-being, down the tube. Go home, stay in whatever N.american country you come from and leave the real worl to much more capable people. This is so sad.

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