Tales from the Yuan

By Double Happiness

One hazy night, not too long ago, a pair of pixellated foreigners were stumbling through the streets and alleys of a certain oriental city, in search of the elusive “shui jiau”, or midnight dumpling. Little did our friends know what was in store for them!

Out of the darkness of yet another side alley, ambled a man of asiatic description. He surveyed the carnage in front of him, and in perfectly stilted English he said

“You want jiga jiga? Piau Liang! Piau Liang! Only 3000!”

One of the foreigners, being a scholar of the Chinese language as well as an educator of the Chinese youth, instantly understood from what was said that ” Piau Liang!” meant beautiful, and interploated from the pelvic movements on display before him that “jiga jiga” meant skiing.

As well as being an educator of note, he was a familiar of the local weather patterns. Knowing that snow was not to be expected before the next ice age, his suspicions were aroused. With a masterful understanding of the asian social custom he said, “Woh bu yeow. Xie xie!”, and resumed his difficult search of the midnight dumpling.

I happen to know this man intimately, and I am glad to tell you that the pair eventually found not one but eight beautifully steamed white dumplings! Appetite sated, our two adventurers retired for the night, lonely but safe in their beds.

About the Author

I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

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