Taiwanese soft core sex show?: Photos of the pole dancers

This is the post all of you perverts have been waiting for. For a little background, I was going to a local pub one night and it was insane in the area near the pub. Fireworks blasting every 5 seconds, and loads of people behind the pub in what appeared to be a carnival like setting. There were two stages, offerings for the gods, betelnut stands, and some kiddy rides for the kids. Fun for the whole family! View all of the soft core Taiwan porn pole dancing photos here.

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burn for ghosts 4burn for ghosts 6

I’d like to apologize for the quality of the photos. I recently went to some hot springs and the lens got dirty and I didn’t realize it. I’d also like to take this moment to reach out to our growing audience and beg for a good hand me down (pray SLR) digital camera. I don’t have the cash (even as I try to become a professional blogger) to afford a new camera, so I have been using my 5 year old Sony cyber-dinosaur. I take about 500 pictures every week, so if you are willing to give me one or sell one at a steep discount, just know it isn’t going to waste. We can also exchange an advertisement on the site if you’d like. Anyway, back to the spicy girls…

One thing that blew me away about this event was the 30 foot high poles.

asian pole dancer high on polepole dancer at top of 30 foot pole

Those girls really had to work to climb them. Also, one of the girls had two guys get up on stage and would strip them down to their underwear.

found a manstripper beaver in mans faceman blurrymuff in face of man in his underwear

then, she would do her best to arouse them and do things to embarrass them further.

Taiwanese man in his underwearasian man in his underwear with girl

I am not sure why she did that. It must be how they get around being too serious.
ouch, my balls
These next few photos are not for the weak, so close your eyes if you aren’t up to the task.

chick on asian mancover breasts pole dancergrinding an asian man by strippermuff in face of man in his underwear

Of course, what good soft core porn show wouldn’t have a huge audience?

men watching pole dancer stripper

and audience participation

oh my godtaiwanese bonerunderwear games

And excuse me stranger, what does your Johnson have to say about all this???

stripper touching boner with a mic

I took a few shots of kids that were there enjoying the show

kid at stripper eventkid at stripping eventkids at celebration

Here is a lovely girl, and a cool shot. That Chinese in the background is Bin Lang, or in English, betelnut.

asian girl big tits

The moral of the story is you should always be armed with you camera, because you never know what you will encounter randomly in Taiwan. And I love it…

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

13 Responses to “ Taiwanese soft core sex show?: Photos of the pole dancers ”

  1. :O



    Damn. This is the craziest shit I’ve seen in Taiwan yet. When’s the next one ? 😀

  2. There was a pole-dancing stripper show at my distant cousin’s wedding in a village outside of Taichung a few years ago too. Totally random. It took place at the wedding reception banquet, which was set up in a parking lot in town where the local market takes place. They set up a tent and tables for the guests and a stage for the “show”. When the dancer came around the tables for tips after her performance, I saw that she had some major cellulite action going on. eeewww

  3. @ Fili – I wish I had a schedule of these events. I am lucky to know anything before hand. I stumble upon all of the events that I see, and that is still many.

    @ Lee-Sean – I know what you mean. Believe it or most of the girls on stage here weren’t very attractive. They were good from afar, yet far from good (when close). Butter faces, summer teeth and in general the retired betelnut girl feel made them a bit creepy. I hope they get paid well. It definitely takes a special woman to do what they did on stage.

  4. shit that looks like fun

  5. I love that this is a family event just randomly on the streets. Did you say it was an event for the gods?!

  6. I had heard that it was for ghosts. Probably some mixture of temple gods and ghosts.

  7. some of the best (worst) temple shows i’ve seen were dedicated to the family god. the family god sure likes his strippers.

  8. Do you think if Taiwan was a matriarchal society there would be male strippers at these events?

  9. your culture is sickening – offensive to say the least – family time, NOT! if it isn’t gangs and thugs it’s sex and obsenity. Your culture is sick beyond it’s time.

  10. Hey, I don’t appreciate you calling my culture sick, especially when it isn’t my culture. I hope you enjoyed the video.

  11. Dude, you might need to lighten up a little! I don’t know which culture you came from but I’ll bet it has its share of gangs and thugs as well as sex and obscenity. Being open to other cultures is what makes the world interesting.

  12. wow.. please don’t judge any culture when you have only seen the tip of the iceberg. There is a word call cultural differences, study it. Betelnut girls are the end results of promoting the Betelnut in a “unique” way. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to the eyes of children.

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