Taiwanese Pod

If anyone has interest in continuing this page please let us know, we are currently way to busy to continue adding new content here. Please enjoy what is here already. Thanks.

Help me

[audio:/tpod/Help me.mp3]

How are you Im fine and you

[audio:/tpod/How are you Im fine and you.mp3]

how far

[audio:/tpod/how far.mp3]

How many

[audio:/tpod/How many.mp3]

I don’t have enough time

[audio:/tpod/I don’t have enough time.mp3]

I don’t know which road

[audio:/tpod/I don’t know which road.mp3]

I forgot and I forgot your name

[audio:/tpod/I forgot and I forgot your name.mp3]

I have 5

[audio:/tpod/I have 5.mp3]

look for road

[audio:/tpod/look for road.mp3]

no time

[audio:/tpod/no time.mp3]

numbers 1s 10s 100s and 1387

[audio:/tpod/numbers 1s 10s 100s and 1387.mp3]

too many

[audio:/tpod/too many.mp3]

What did he say

[audio:/tpod/What did he say.mp3]

What time is it right now

[audio:/tpod/What time is it right now.mp3]

What time

[audio:/tpod/What time.mp3]

what to call this

[audio:/tpod/what to call this.mp3]

which road

[audio:/tpod/which road.mp3]

you’re welcome

[audio:/tpod/you’re welcome.mp3]

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