Taiwanese Men and Stripping

This is an odd subject to be brought up here at The Real Taiwan considering that all of the contributors at this point are woman-loving red-blooded males. I’ve been out at bars and discos in Taiwan too many times to count, and I’ve seen way too many times where Taiwanese men get goaded into stripping. It doesn’t make sense. The first couple of times I saw it it was funny, but it comes to a point where it is automatic and reflects oddly on the guys that were practicing their strip tease routine. I used to think they were goaded into it, but really it seems like some sort of ritualistic and perverted release for the sexually oppressed Taiwanese male.

For example, there will be a birthday party for a Taiwanese man, and the friends will be all grouped together, gan bei-ing the hell out of each other for a couple of hours. Then, when the night seems to be going well, the piss drunk birthday boy does a birthday dance and ends up stripping to his skivvies or worse.

This video shows some Taiwanese dudes in a stripping class.

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