Taiwanese end of the year party (wei ya)

The end of the year party is a very big deal for business in Taiwan. I personally haven’t been to one, but I have observed the police are out in full force looking for drunk drivers a lot during this part of the holiday season.

I found a short video showing what can happen at these parties, and it was quite the surprise. Basically, older business men in suits with girls in bikinis grinding on them and sticking their bosoms in the men’s faces. Can you say, “BBBBBriiiissssskkkkkkkyyyyyy”. It is a 10 second clip but you will end up watching at least twice I am sure.

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  1. Yes….this is exactly what it was like this year. I’ve been to a few over the years because as an engineer, we get invited to our vendors parties. Again, a perfect example of the Taiwanese letting go and having just a good time. they never cease to amaze me sometimes….but it does make you smile and they get you to join in no matter what. My theory is that they work so many long hours during the year that the bosses don’t mind a little hanky panky at the year end party…if everyone has a good time…the boss has a good face and employees are happy. Instant Karma….

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