Taiwan Sexy Dance, or Not

After watching this video I am left remembering the lost hours of my life spent chasing Taiwanese girls like these in discos, thinking 95% of them couldn’t dance. That definitely doesn’t make them not worth chasing. Just look at the girls in the video. They are cute and have great bodies, but exactly when will Taiwanese girls learn how to dance? These girls look like they are trying to dance sexily, but actually they are just trying to impress everyone with their sluttishness.

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I am speaking in generalities, as there are definitely some great dancers but for the most part they are content doing the stupid human robot drug head dance that does nothing for me. At least these girls aren’t doing that. I much prefer slutty dancing over the robot.. any day…

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7 Responses to “ Taiwan Sexy Dance, or Not ”

  1. these girls dance right in line pretty much with how Taiwanese women act: like children. what did you expect, really?

  2. I think these girls are making some progress though. Progress from doing the Taiwanese robot dance. No doubt they are immature though and have an unhealthy compulsion to whine and buy childish cartoon characters products. I would put money on it.

  3. Yeah, when was the last time you called a Taiwanese female under 40 a “woman” instead of a “girl”? I think Hello Kitties are stunting the growth of women in Taiwan.

  4. Hahaha. I have run into a conundrum while living in Taiwan. There seam to be no middle-aged women. They all appear young or old. It’s like the body chemistry of Asian women takes them from girls to grandma’s overnight one day.

  5. I agree with MJ but they do look hot………
    lets do a link exchange


  6. Those girls wants to be like latina womens…her body seems of girls who have not menstruation, puberty girls!
    In any way the Chinese are good imitating everything!

  7. I agree with you Leo. I’m too late – I haven’t seen the videos. Maybe it was hot, after all.

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