Taiwan Scams: ATM Machine

This is a video showing people scamming others out of cash at an ATM. The video is in Chinese, but it is easy to get the point of it. There are 2 people, and one of them distracts the person using the ATM after the cash comes out but before the card comes out. In the moment the person turns around to deal with the mild distraction, someone else has put a different card into the machine. The person turns around, takes the card and leaves while the bandits clear the account of any remaining dough.

The scams are always changing and evolving. This one was back in 2006.

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  1. This would only work if the PIN was seen before the transaction, right? So… people should cover up their other hand as they enter their PIN. Most people don’t do this… because they feel embarassed! Not me… oh, and in Toronto a few years ago, they installed these PIN “shields.”

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