Taiwan Republic of China National Anthem Video and Song ROC

Taiwan Republic of China National Anthem Video and Song ROC

Here is a video slide show played to the Taiwanese National Anthem. The English translation, Han Yu pin yin, and traditional Chinese characters of the Taiwanese national anthem are also displayed under the video.

Here is a video slide show with the music (no lyrics). There are some nice photos in this one.

A rock remix of the song, played to a slide show of traditional Taiwanese snacks. At the end of the song, the singer says ho da la, which is Taiwanese for gan bei, which is Chinese for bottoms up (finish your drink as fast as you can)!

Traditional Chinese Characters:


Han Yu Pin Yin:

Sānmín Zhǔyì, wú dǎng suǒ zōng,
Yǐ jiàn Mínguó, yǐ jìn Dàtóng.
Zī ěr duō shì, wèi mín qiánfēng;
Sù yè fěi xiè, Zhǔyì shì cóng.
Shǐ qín shǐ yǒng, bì xìn bì zhōng;
Yì xīn yì dé, guànchè shǐ zhōng.

English Translation:

The Rights of the People

Our aim shall be to found a free land.
World peace be our stand.
Lead on, comrades, vanguards ye are.
Hold fast your aim, by sun and star.
Be earnest and brave, your country to save.
One heart, one soul, one mind, one goal !

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

2 Responses to “ Taiwan Republic of China National Anthem Video and Song ROC ”

  1. Dear Website administrator:

    We are very glad to inform you that the Republic of China (Taiwan) has proudly introduced new series of renditions of the national anthem to mark the nation’s centenary.

    The new series is composed of pieces highlighting children, tourism, national development and other general
    themes. They exhibit Taiwan’s natural beauty, transportation
    infrastructure, economic development, architectural aesthetics, and environmental friendliness, as well as its cultural diversity and social harmony.

    The downloadable version of the series is located at
    http://www.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=79098&CtNode=2579&mp=807 for you to replace the original version(s) on your website.

    Thank you for your attention! We would also like to wish you a very happy 2011.

    Information Technology Unit
    Government Information Office
    Republic of China

  2. Always remember that the people of Taiwan are also Chinese and they should do their best to find a solution to the long-standing political divide that has existed on both side of the Straits since the time of the leaders of the last century. I am an old man and I will most certainly not to see the day when the Chinese leaders on both the Mainland and the Island can accommodate each other politically, culturally and emtionally. I would hope that my children will be able to witness that great moment for me.

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