Taiwan Postcards: At the Armory Pub Tainan

I submitted a bunch of photos to the Armory Pub in Tainan to be looked through then chosen for use on postcards. Originally, they chose 8 photos to be turned into postcards. It was just my luck though that the resolution wasn’t good enough on 5 of them (probably the product of my cropping the photos) and they couldn’t contact me (were dialing the wrong John in the cell phone.. D’oh).

I actually got some money for these photos. Does that mean I am a professional photographer now since I got paid?

You can pick up these post cards, plus a lot of others, mainly photographed by Tarqui, for 10NT a piece at the Armory Pub in Tainan.

Here are the photos that they chose:

betelnut stand 2 nutstaiwanese flagBa Jia Jiang

Something I found interesting was if I show anyone a group of photos, the ones I like the most are not necessarily the ones they like, so it is difficult for me to judge my own photos. I am also a new breed of street photographer, or togger (I just made that up – really). I have a crap camera, but I still get a lot of photos and content is key. For example, I’ll take photos over my shoulder, just aiming on the fly or throw my hand out the window and just try to get something while driving. I would love to have a better camera, but in the end, my pleas for freebies or highly discounted ones have come up lame.

If you have some time, here is a link to a slideshow with about 200 of my favorite photos that I have taken in Taiwan. The Taiwan Best of photo slideshow.

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  1. Looks great 😀
    Especially the masked betelnut chewing guy.

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