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The Living in Taiwan forum that I started a few weeks ago is creeping along picking up new members here and there. I noticed more people commenting lately, so why not join in there. You can comment on bands and the state of music in Taiwan or about anything in the general chat area.

We have recently created a Taiwan photo forum. Craig Ferguson from CF Images has graciously offered his help in this forum to people looking for Photoshop tips and photography tips. I’ll be asking him a lot I’m sure.

There is a new Taiwan Photo Gallery accessible to anyone that wants to contribute photos and doesn’t have a place to link from . The forum doesn’t allow many photos to be uploaded at once (right now only one), so you can post them there and hotlink them top the forum. Sign in to the forum, and then the gallery and I will set you up properly as soon as I can.

The latest thread there has 15 close up shots of mainly foods in Taiwan. Some are easy to tell what they are, while others may be a bit odd. See how many you know! See the Taiwan photo macro slideshow.

Email me for more info:

therealtaiwan[at ] gmail.com

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

3 Responses to “ Taiwan Photo Forum ”

  1. The photo project is a great idea. Maybe you guys can run a competition or something once it builds up.

  2. I was thinking of having a photo scavenger hunt for Taiwan. Give a month for people to collect certain kinds of photos,things you can find in any city, for example:

    5 or more people on a scooter
    helmetless children on scooters
    men with construction hats instead of proper helmets
    dog(s) on scooter
    other animal on scooter
    live pig on a leash
    ba jia jiang
    betelnut chewing man
    betelnut chewing woman
    scooter accident
    break dancing teens
    someone passed out drunk in a public place
    betelnut girl in spicy clothes
    a police man
    a police car

    I thin I will post this in the photo area and see what kind of feedback comes out of it. Chip in some ideas for things to photograph. Oh, and a rule should be you can’t use any old photo. They have to be taken after the contest starts.

  3. Yep… go for it.

    You probably heard about this China project, right? :

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