Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Paper Scissors Stone is an acoustic trio doin’ folk/ folk rock/classic rock covers, and we’ll soon be playing our originals as well.

Not exclusively bound by one form of music or another Paper Scissor Stone Band brings you folk / folk rock / classic rock covers from the 50’s right on through to the present….on occasion you might even find the odd country or blues tune thrown in the mix.

Band Logo

Summer Breeze

[audio:paperscissorsstone/Summer Breeze.mp3]

With acoustic and electric guitars and vocals with great harmonies we try to perform music that most audiences might be familiar with. We can go from a soft ballad by Dan Fogelberg, make a 180 degree turn, do a rocker by Brian Adams and then launch into an guitar intense live acoustic version of Hotel California by the Eagles.



Couple that with our favorite Beatles tunes, and we hope everybody will find something that will make them want to hear more and more…..

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

12 Responses to “ Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band ”

  1. I been here for about 2 years and love to hear music…these guys are a breath of fresh air. Wish you posted more tunes. No offense to any of the bands that are here and I’ve heard quite a few, but it seems to me that no matter wher I go, I see the same old same old…including the festivals here. Its always the same bands….Why aren’t these guys playing at any of these festivals. The covers are done tastefully and spot on pretty much. Its a shame we don’t hear more of this. Most of the originals I hear are just o.k…..nothing really spectacular, and some not good at all. I’d rather pay to hear some tunes I know done well than someones “originals” that aren’t done well at all. Again, no offense I’m not a musician, but wouldo like to hear some really good stuff like this. Well done Paper Scissor Stone Band…… T.M

  2. Thanks T.M.

    We did put in to play at the PEACEFEST and MAYJAM, but MAYJAM had so many bands to choose from and scheduling diffuculties that they could not accomodate everyone…besides we are playing the Living Room the night before ( Sat. May 3rd) and getting down to Tainan is a long haul. As far as the PEACEFEST…I couldn’t tell you honestly. We are the new kids on the block so maybe we are not well “known ” enough, but I was there last year and I kinda agree to a point that they did take alot of the same bands. Don’t know why as it is a charity event and we would have loved to help out by doing our part. Maybe next year….Again, everybody has their cup of tea when it comes to music and I’m sure all the bands foreign or local do their best at what they love. We appreciate your support and thoughts though…our website is http://www.myspace.com/paperscissorstoneband. Visit and leave a comment…..join as a friend !!!!

    Kim David Carpenter

  3. Just a heartfelt “THANKS” to the people who showed up for our opening performance at the Living Room on Sat. May 3rd…we had a full house maybe 65-70+ people) literally and I did not get to greet or meet everyone personally. We videotaped the entire event and I will post photo’s here and on our website…www.myspace.com/paperscissorstoneband
    Again, THANKS…your coming makes it all worth doing…and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  4. That’s great Kim. I think you guys are gonna have a lot of fun playing music in Taiwan.

  5. Glad to have TRT up and running again. I find this site an invaluable tool to post and have some fun discussing topics….just not taiwan’s independence. Ooppps, I said the “I” word…Anyway, Just to let everyone know…Paper Scissor Stone band will be at Sappho de Base ( a real laid back music club, restaurant, lounge in Taipei ), on Saturday, June 14th from 10 ~12 pm and 2 weeks later at BLISS Live House (also a great music venue, restaurant and lounge), on Saturday, June 28th from 10 ~ 12 pm. Cover charge if any at Sappho TBA’d and BLISS is 200NT$ at the door. You can go to our website..www.myspace.com/paperscissorstoneband, or the Sappho and BLISS sites for greater detail.
    http://www.sappho102.biz http://www.myspace.com/blisslivehouse
    Also make sure to go to The Real Taiwan Living Forum (top of this page under Navigation…Forum…click the link) for even more info on these events and others. Join as a member and post comments on just about anything Taiwan related or otherwise. Let us know what you think.
    Hope to see you all at one or both of at these great shows…
    Kim David Carpenter

  6. Thanks man. Glad to be back. Look forward to seeing you guys in Tainan.

  7. Hey Bud,

    I didn’t forget about you after our little trip down to your neck of the woods, but been plenty busy rehearsing for the next (2) shows ( Sappho and BLISS ) that there’s been little time for anything else. One of our guys just got back from Canada so we been hard pressed for time to rehearse, but it will all be good.
    We’ve actualkly been fortunate enough to finally add a BASS player and when it rais it pours…we are 95% sure about a piano/keyboard player we recently heard. She is outstanding to say the least having played 20 of her 24 years…Anyway, I might be at the PF on Sunday, but the weekend outdoors might be a washout. They didn’t move to raindate…so I guess its on. Talk soon.
    Kim / paperscissorstoneband

  8. No worries man. Look forward to seeing you at PF if it doesn’t get rained out. If it does though, We’ll likely end up in Nan Kan hanging with some friends and doing nothing but drinking and playing poker.

  9. If it gets rained out on SAT. 14th and your already in Nankan come up a little further to Taipei and catch the show at Sappho…no cover…more to spend on beer!

  10. Hey J,

    How are you and the family….been busy trying to get this all working so haven’t written in a bit. Still post on the forum though. Anyway Paper Scissor Stone Band will be at CENTERSTAGE ( former LIVING ROOM ) on Friday, July 18th from 10-12 pm..200NT I add the flyer here, but no option to so so. Check the forum under musocal performances etc…etc…

    Later, kdc

  11. Hi man. Hotlinking to your image..

  12. bene grazie….muchas gracias, domo arigato…xie xie….much appreciated.

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