Taiwan Motorcycle Accident Video

I watched this, and found it a bit disturbing. It is a video of a car going through a red light in Kaohsiung and smoking a scooter. If you are disturbed by violence, do not watch this.

It is an example of the whole “Red lights are for reference only” thinking in Taiwan. Granted, maybe the car driver made an honest mistake and blew the light, but with the way people drive here, it’s likely they were trying to shave a few seconds off of their trip and ended up getting more then they bargained for when the scooter approached a green light and didn’t slow down to check if cars were going through the light. It looks like the scooter was going kind of fast too.

I was riding a motorcycle once, through a green light, in an industrial area of Jungli, and two scooters decided to go through the red light and I ended up T-boning the first one, ruining the Yamaha RZR that I had. This bike was originally Mordeth13’s bike, and is now sitting in a junkyard because I couldn’t find a new front end to replace the twisted remains of the front end. I guess I am lucky to have walked away from that one with a jammed knuckle and a ripped pair of pants. I had a pushing match with one of the guys I hit (there were 3 total on 2 bikes). He had the balls to start with me. I remember he began yelling at me as if I did something wrong and I was pointing to the light saying, “Hey, look, the light is still fucking red!” as my bike lay on it’s side and was leaking gas onto the street.

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