Taiwan Independence

Here is a photo I took today. It was located on the back of a van in Tainan. It is an advertisement for Wang Ding Yi, who must be running for office or something down here. It’s obvious how he feels about China, and I wonder if that is his whole platform. At least it is an interesting picture. It gives me the urge to play tic tac toe.

Yes Taiwan No China

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

2 Responses to “ Taiwan Independence ”

  1. haha, tic tac toe.
    You are humorous.
    Hope you can look for many interesting pix.

  2. Thanks. I am always on the lookout for funny or interesting pictures from Taiwan. Anyone that has any they want to share, send them to me at therealtaiwan(at)gmail.com


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