Taiwan Fireworks Festival Yan Shui 2008

The Fireworks festival in Yan Shui (鹽水蜂炮)was a blast! We had a lot of fun jumping around and trying not to get hit too hard by the thousands of rockets that screamed at us. What is the Yan Shui Fireworks Festival you may ask. Here is some information about it:

It is said that the Fireworks Festival is originated from a cholera epidemic broke out in Yenshui of Tainan County in early ruling period of Kuanghsu Emperor of Ching Dynasty (around 1875) and lasted for more than twenty years, and it nearly swept away all the people in the town. In order to drive out the evil spirits and ward off the disease, the survivors invited the spirit of Kuan Kung

Kuan Kung is worshipped as the God of War; since he was adept at managing finances, he is also worshipped as the patron saint of businessmen and the deities of Heaven to inspect the land on the day of Lantern Festival by carrying the statue of Kuan Kung in palanquins and paraded around Yenshui and letting off masses of firecrackers, and the epidemic was soon receded. Since that there has been the celebration activity every year, and the custom featuring a nineteenth-century plague expulsion ritual becomes today the unique and spectacular Yenshui Swarm of Fireworks.

From the Taiwan festivals Website

If you are ever in Taiwan during the first lunar month of the year make sure to get to Yan Shui for this event. Here is a compilation video from various clips I took from this years event. Hope you like it.

Here are several photos from the festival:

Click here to see the Yan Shui fireworks festival photo slideshow

IMG_0891IMG_0892Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -102Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -135Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -173Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -176Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -203Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -42Yan Shui Fireworks Feng Pao -86

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