Taiwan Culture: Tainan Temple Street Parade

Tainan is the temple capital of Taiwan. They all have their own schedules for making a racket and having some serious “bai bai” times. Of course there are events that overlap between temples but my point is that on any given day you may see or be stuck in the path of a massive parade of temple goers that are out on the street celebrating.

Fili and I were lucky today as we crossed paths with a long procession full of interesting costumes and music. Here are some of the pics from the religious parade in Tainan.

Tainan Street Parade 2007 - 011Tainan Street Parade 2007 - 022Tainan Street Parade 2007 - 032Tainan Street Parade godTaiwan godgong taiwanTainan Street Parade 2007 float

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