Taiwan Culture: Pole dancing for ghosts (men, women, and children too!)

Here is a video I shot last night of a pole dancer at a local cultural event dedicated to appeasing the ghosts that roam the earth. I will post photos of this a bit later, and another short raunchy video of the girl on top of a guy in his underwear grinding away.

One thing to note is that this was not a male strip club. This was done in a very public place, and there were many men, women, and children there watching as the events took place. The pole dancer got a few Taiwanese guys to go up on stage and strip down to their underwear, and she would do things like grind them and rub them until they had boners.

Stay tuned for more from this very real Taiwan event.

The song is called “Not Your Bitch” and is from the awesome band Electrocute. Several pictures at the end are from Michael at Goodsoundz.

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