Taiwan Blog Awards: Vote for Michael Turton

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Michael Turton’s blog The View From Taiwan. He was nominated for a blogging award for best Taiwan politics blogger on a Chinese language website, and you can go there and easily vote for him. No need to sign in or anything, just fill out the captcha after you find his blog listing.

nan kun shen bei men temple

Michael tossing a 10 NT coin at a bell at the Nan Kun Shen temple in Tainan County. He actually hit it. You can see Fili in the background as well.

Granted, it is an uphill battle because of the language barrier, and many blogs are in Chinese, but it would be great if Michael’s blog did well or even won. He puts a lot of effort and time into writing his blog and deserves to win something….

To vote for Michael, go here and then find The View from Taiwan on the page. Click on the check mark to the right, fill out the captcha and click the little send button under it.

Good luck Michael and a personal thank you to anyone that takes a moment to vote.

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