Taiwan Beer Commercial

A bunch of foreigners from www.forumosa.com were invited to be in a Taiwan Beer commercial… and here they are.

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4 Responses to “ Taiwan Beer Commercial ”

  1. How much did they get paid for THAT?
    I don’t understand Chinese, but I can tell they weren’t saying Taiwan beer is shit….which it is!

  2. Good question…. Did they get money for that or not, and how much?

    As far as Taiwan beer being shit, I have a tough time telling the difference between that and most of the other offerings out there. Also, there is a sense of national pride about it (among beer drinkers in Taiwan) so I figure what the heck, may as well drink what the locals drink. When in Rome…

  3. I heard that taiwan beer won some sort of award in Asia. Did you know it’s brewed using rice instead of barley?

  4. Yeah, we were paid, but to be honest, I really DO like Taiwan beer – at least the draft they sell fresh in green bottles. The stuff in cans ain’t so hot, it’s true.

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