Taiwan 228 Massacre 60 Years On: 1947-2007

This is a very touching video about the Taiwan 2-28 massacre and one mans story. It is a memorial to the man Kang A-Yue, who passed away in June of 2007. The video is in Chinese, but has English subtitles.

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In remembrance of Mr. Kang A-Yue (康阿裕) and his elder brother, Mr. Kang A-Zhen, who were two of the thousands victims of Taiwan 228 Massacre in 1947. After living in fears over the past 60 years, Mr. Kang A-Yue (1932-2007) passed away at 76 in early June of 2007.

The true story told here is about Mr. Kang A-Yue, a man from Ilan County (宜蘭) of Taiwan, who was 16 years old at the time of the Massacre. On March 18, 1947, he was forced to bury 7 other countrymen LIVE who had been rounded up by the KMT/ROC government soldiers, in front of a local Ma-Zu Temple. Then, he and his brother were beaten to unconsciousness and left for dead. His brother didn’t survive.

Those seven innocent Ilan men (who were considered by the KMT Party Regime to be local leaders) were beaten and buried LIVE by KMT soldiers simply because the KMT Party Regime was then executing the “town-cleansing” routine (as they frequently did in the civil war of China) to eliminate any possible resistance to the one-party ruling and future dominance of the KMT Party in Taiwan.

A-Yue hid out for over a decade after that, living in the wilderness for all that time. The scar on his left cheek came from the bayonet of a KMT soldier. When they were rounded up, KMT soldiers bound their hands and feet with metal wires THROUGH their palms and legs.

We wish Kang brothers find eternal peace in heaven!

This video file was re-edited based on a special presentation “228: 60 Years On” produced by Miss Y-L. Chen of Sanlih TV in Taiwan on the 60th Anniversary of Taiwan 228 Massacre (2/28/2007).

This year 2007 A.D. marked the 60th Anniversary of Taiwan February-28 Massacre in 1947. Many Formosa (Taiwan) residents who had actually witnessed the cruelties of the Massacre are still living today, but sadly in the past 60 years and even now, very few of these witnesses were willing to tell their children what they had seen in the Massacre.

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