The Armory

The Armory was originally Du Mei’s family home. In the middle of the night in March 1995, a fire broke out next door to the Armory which left the building severely damaged. Mr Liang Hong, Professor Wang and a team of volunteers from Cheng Gung University redesigned and rebuilt the building into what we now know as The Armory.

The Armory Pub in Tainan is gem that stands out in the sea of pubs that are in Tainan. Owner Du Mei has been running the bar for a long time, and 2007 is the 10 year anniversary of the pub. Expect some kind of fun parties to celebrate this event.

The Armory offers both Western and Chinese food, and the patrons come from diverse backgrounds. One reason it is a special bar is because just as many Taiwanese people go there as do foreigners. Another is they promote art and music like no other venue in Tainan. It is a shame that the other places in Tainan can’t keep up with them, but at least the Armory is there to help support the artists that have been working hard on their craft.

Musicians, this is a good venue to play at in Tainan. If you’d like to book a show there, have some demo’s available (we can get you set up on our band page) and get in touch with Du Mei, Rocky, or The Real Taiwan. Call after 2 in the afternoon. Also, because of sound restrictions you absolutely can not be loud after midnight. There have been fines already paid, so don’t be the cause of another one. You will also need to let them know at least 48 hours before the show what equipment you will be needing. Everything is rented from a local music store. For more information about the Armory and about REWARD for the bands, contact:

Du Mei



How to get there:

Tainan Armory Pub

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