La Sight Disco Pub Tainan

La Sight Disco Pub
La Sight Crowd

La Sight Disco packed with people for one of their their bikini parties

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La Sight Disco Pub is your place to kick back and relax. Located in Tainan on Jian Kang Road near the baseball stadium, La Sight has been leading the disco scene for many years. For those that choose to sit down and chat amongst friends, there are comfortable chairs. For those that like to get down, there is a dance floor that gets packed on a regular basis. To complement the dance floor, there is a dazzling electronic lighting set up and a clean air conditioning system that can cool you off after you heat it up on the dance floor.

La Sight has some great local DJ’s to keep the beats explosive, and live bands that keep you moving as well. There are frequently special events so stay tuned to what will be happening. You don’t want to miss the next party. Come to La Sight to feel the lively, sexy, riotous atmosphere. All kinds of food and drinks are served.

Go La Sight Feel the Night

260 Jian Kang Road Section 1 B1F
Tainan City

06 – 214 9818

09 PM – 5 AM

La Sight Interior 2

La Sight Interior

The comfortable interior of La Sight

La Sight

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