Jerry’s Burgers, Pizza, and More Restaurant Tainan

Jerry’s Restaurant

Burgers, quesadillas, chicken, fingers, pizza

18 Wei Min Street
Tainan City

06 – 2755952

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3 Responses to “ Jerry’s Burgers, Pizza, and More Restaurant Tainan ”

  1. This place has the worst service imaginable. The food is ok if they actually have it in stock, but they routinely forget things from your order. It also can take up to an hour for a meal to be prepared. If you go there, be prepared to wait.

  2. Jerry’s One was THE PLACE in 2003. It was not only on Hai-An Lu, but it started the craze that is now known as the terraces on Hai-An Lu. Moreover, as a person how had not had good Western food, for non-engineer prices, in Tainan up to that point, Jerry’s was a relief. The Spearhead of Tainan (Jose, Moby, Big John, Zak the Cack, and Jeremy) would meet there, some times every night of the week, with a variety of other friends, female and otherwise. The burgers were awesome, and his cute sister didn’t mind if we brought in beers from 7-11. Even Jerry’s 2 was a cool place to hang out and party. It’s too bad, since I’ve heard through the grapevine, that Jerry’s has closed.


    R.I.P. Jerry’s Restaurant. You are and will be missed.


  3. Those were some damn good old days. Finding places like that and trying to keep them in business was a big reason for

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