Hud La Nong (Hud La Noom) 呼啦弄 Restaurant Tainan

Hud La Nong (Hud La Noom) Restaurant Tainan

Hud La Noom 4

Qing Nian Road #5 Lane 398
Tainan City

06 – 2090693

Hours: 7:30 am-9 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
Chinese & English menus.
Opened by the Bunun tribe sisters who run Tainan’s landmark aboriginal pub Hud La Voos, they recently opened up a new coffee-and-food establishment called Hud La Noom, this place is central enough to be highly convenient, yet just far enough from the main road to be an oasis of peace and quiet.

Hud La Noom 2

To create Hud La Noom, the sisters and their friends and relatives transformed an old house near Tainan Theological College. Inside, it’s comfortable and colorful; the walls and furniture have been decorated with indigenous arts and motifs.

Hud La Noom 3

Handicraft items and souvenirs are for sale. The menu includes a selection of wraps, omelets, pancakes and yoghurts (NT$50-120). For something a little more unusual, try the Sakud Meal Set (NT$220) or Sakud Hot Pot (NT$230). Sakud is Reeve’s Muntjac, also known as “barking deer”. There are also salads and barbecued items and juices, plus coffees and teas from NT$50. Alcoholic drinks include Heineken (NT$75) and Belgian brews (NT$150), plus some special aboriginal drinks.

!0 inch Pizza

There’s wireless Internet access if you have work to do, but this is a place more suited to kicking back than working hard. –By Steven Crook, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Richard Matheson



(06) 209-0693
營業時間: 7:30 am-9 pm
呼 拉嗚嘶一直以來都是台南市聞名的一家原著民酒吧,經營者是一對布農族姊妹,日前又開了 一家新的餐廳名為呼啦弄(Hud La Noom),專門供應各式咖啡及餐點。此店家的位置算是離市中心不遠,所以其實相當方便,但是它又和交通繁忙道路有點距離,所以在這裡您還是可以找到一處 安靜的角落用餐並放鬆。為了打造呼啦弄餐廳,姊妹們可是找來了自己的朋友和親戚們幫忙,重新裝潢了一棟位於台南神學院附近的老房子。店裡的裝飾很原住民 風,色彩豐富,感覺舒適。牆面和桌椅都充滿著布農族的藝術忠旨,另外,它們也販賣手工藝飾品及紀念品等小玩意兒讓客人們挑選。打開菜單,您可以看到各式口 味的手捲、蛋捲、鬆餅、和優格(50-120元),如果想嘗試點不一樣的,這裡也供應了沙酷套餐系列(220元),或火鍋的系列(230元)。所謂沙酷 (Sakud),指的是珍貴稀有的麂子,俗稱鳴鹿。另外,您還可選擇享用沙拉、烤肉系列餐點、果汁、咖啡和茶類(50元起)。呼啦弄餐廳的酒類飲品選擇包 括海尼根(75元)、比利時啤酒(150元)、和一些具特色的原住民風味特調。店內提供無線上網的服務,希望您有機會來這裡品嚐美食和放鬆,不要只忙於工 作喔! –曲明宏/報導, 李明娟/譯, Richard Matheson/攝影

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