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Julia Wang


Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager

行銷業務部 副理

Mobile : 0926460040

tel (06) 228-8809 Fax (06) 228-6776

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6 Responses to “ Hong Yang Travel Service Company ”

  1. hi..,
    my name is charlie and i’m from tainan city.do you sell tickets from Kaoshiung to manila via cebu pacific? if yes, then how much including the taxes leaving this 20th of september..


  2. Carlie, you need to contact them directly.

    Julia Wang

    Mobile : 0926460040

    tel (06) 228-8809

  3. I like to know airfare details to Bari, Italy from Kaoshiung or Taipei on 21 Sep, 2011. look to hear fm u soon.

  4. good morning. do u sell tickets of Singapore Airlines? where can i find ur office in tainan? hope to hear ur reply soon.

  5. Dear All, I just found my details posted here. Thank you for the THE REAL TAIWAN. Sadly, I don’t work at Hong Yang Travel Company for several years. Guys, thank you for your question and sorry for not helping. Please contact other travel agency. Thank you for your support. Have a nice day!

  6. Aitina and Sandeep, you can call Cola Tour Tainan office and they will be able to help. Just calling and asking to talk to EC Department and they will be able to help and asking for Ms. Swing Wu. They sell SQ (Singapore Airlines) ticket and also the key agent of many airlines.

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