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Welcome to The Real Taiwan Tainan guide. We have listings of the best places to go during your stay in Tainan. There are restaurants, bars and pubs, discos, travel agents, gyms, and more listed in the directory. Great discos for your entertainment and many exotic places for dining as well. If you know of a good place drop us a line and we’ll post it for you, and if you have anything to say about these businesses, please leave a constructive comment. All of the businesses on this list are open for business as of June 2007. Contact us at therealtaiwan(at)gmail.com.

Please check out the Tainan Bulletin for a more updated version of this page.  There is a nice community of people there that might even answer your questions and give you a look into what life in Tainan is all about.

Health Clubs and Gyms
World Gym Tien Tsa

Super Thai Alibaba
Mushroom Cafe
Eat Eat Drink Drink
Vonny’s Garden
Hari Om Indian
The Big Like
Ocean Area
Deli King
Turkish House
Bosa Egyptian
French Kitchen
Go Dutch Cafe
Mexico to Go
The Corner
The Greenhouse II
Rainbow Castle
London Pie
The Greenhouse
Bars and Pubs
Willys 2nd Base
The Tea Barrel Pub
The Edge
Blue Print
Hud La Voos Aboriginal
Rolling Stone
Room 335
Chicken Hill Academy
DJ Pub
Dirty Roger’s
Pub Alley
Our Place
Julia Lounge
Queen’s Lounge
Paradise Music
Snack Bar
Cosby Saloon
The Orient Fusion Groove Lounge
Travel Agents
Hong Yang Travel

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  1. Thanks so much for assembling this. It is so helpful to have a good list of useful places to go in Tainan. I know of a new Indian restaurant named Ali Baba’s on Dong Feng Road that you haven’t listed yet. I am not sure of the exact address. Thanks again 😉

  2. hi

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  4. Amazing really that we found you. What are the odds-we were surfing the web for information on traveling to Tainan and here you are the perfect blog of all the city. We will be therefore printing a lot of this out to take on our trip. You are greatly appreciated for this most wonderful site.

  5. You should check out http://www.tainanbulletin.com fo rthe real deal about Tainan.

    PS your site sucks.

  6. I can’t wait to visit Tainan and write my own guide. I might take yours as a reference first 🙂

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