Tainan Culture: Hai An Road Temple Celebrations

In what is seemingly has become the norm, there are temple celebrations on a very regular basis here in Tainan. Fili goes into this a bit on his blog post Another weekend in Tainan : Another God has a birthday. It is impossible not to notice these events unless you never step outside of your house.

Here are some photos of the Hai An Road cultural event

Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-1Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-15Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-20Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-21Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-50Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-53Hai An Road Tainan Temple Celebration-54

Tell tale signs of these events are huge traffic jams (I know this may be for any reason, not just temple events) with roads possibly being blocked off, deafening firecracker displays on the ground and/or pretty visual displays being launched into the sky. Also, loads of betelnut spit and shreds on the ground. These events are very popular amongst the betelnut chewing population here. There is a standard of music as well. You’ll know it if you hear it. Here is a video Fili took while on the prowl one evening at one of these events that has the style of music I am talking about.

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