Tainan County Site Seeing: Salt Mountain

I went to Salt Mountain, Tainan County a while back with my friend Fili. Salt mountain is an interesting place, basically a huge pile of salt
Salt Mountain Tainan County028

that you can climb up and get a view of the Cigu area from.

Salt Mountain Tainan County047

They have a museum in the shape of a pyramid nearby as well, and you can learn about the history of salt in Tainan County.

Salt Mountain Tainan County044

It’s major appeal is that it looks like snow, and even comes with Santa Claus and a reindeer.

Salt Mountain Tainan County033

The site itself has become a bit of a tourist trap, complete with ponies to ride, many food vendors,

Salt Mountain Tainan County021Salt Mountain Tainan County022Salt Mountain Tainan County023Salt Mountain Tainan County025Salt Mountain Tainan County027

and a giant pig statue!

Salt Mountain Tainan County034

Why is their a huge pig there? Baffling if not interesting. Maybe it is to commemorate the year of the pig (2007).

How do you get to Salt Mountain? Here are the directions:

Make your way to Cigu on the 17. You will see brown signs alerting you to the presence of Salt Mountain. It’s easy to find. Basically just go to Cigu. Look for the pyramid (Salt Museum).

You can check out some more about Salt mountain here:

Fili’s trip to Salt Mountain

Michael Turton’s Salt Mountain expedition among his many photos in a post title vivid Tainan

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