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English teaching: I want to study miracle conversation

English teaching: I want to study miracle conversation

The older generation were fixated on the idea of learning conversation. “Have you done your homework?” I asked. “Yesterday, my work very busy – go to see client,” replied my student. “Yesterday, you were very busy because you went to see a client, yes? Past tense of go is went, past tense of is…” hold […]

Foriegners In Taiwan: Are We Ronald McDonald?

Foriegners In Taiwan: Are We Ronald McDonald?

Today was one of those days that my “McDonald’s urge” hit me and thus I found myself buying a number 4 meal, and, for lack of a China Post, sitting alone looking at a cutout of Ronald. It then dawned on me the scary possibility that Ronald represents my (our) place in Taiwanese society. Think […]

Taiwan Vacation:  Tainan Zun (Tseng) Wen Reservoir

Taiwan Vacation: Tainan Zun (Tseng) Wen Reservoir

I had the pleasure of taking two vacationers out for the day today. They wanted to see the country, so we hopped in the car and cruised to a place in Tainan County called the 曾文水庫 Tseng (Zun) Wen Reservoir. Joe and Jason are from Texas and Maryland, and it is their first time in […]

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2008

It’s been a busy month, and I’ve got photos from the Taiwan Lantern Festival – 台灣燈會 2008 in Tainan County (It was held at a place called Solar City in the Southern Taiwan Science Park). I have to say, it was a really cool event. There were so many lanterns and things to do I […]

Taiwan Temple: Ma Dou Five Regent Kings Daitian Miao

The Dai Tian temple in Madou (麻豆代天府) is a very cool temple. What separates it from the many other temples in Taiwan are two things: First, there is a large dome in the parking lot that houses a magnificent giant Buddha statue. The other is the heaven and hell indoor walking tour that is essentially […]

Taiwan Fireworks Festival Yan Shui 2008

The Fireworks festival in Yan Shui (鹽水蜂炮)was a blast! We had a lot of fun jumping around and trying not to get hit too hard by the thousands of rockets that screamed at us. What is the Yan Shui Fireworks Festival you may ask. Here is some information about it: It is said that the […]

Chewing Betelnut

Here is a short video clip of my friends eating betelnuts while taking a break from the Yan Shui fireworks festival. Too bad there weren’t any betelnut girls there. The owner did show us a picture of the event from years past that had an apparition of a god show up within the photo. Look […]