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Danny Chu:Dream Mall Beer Fest

Danny Chu:Dream Mall Beer Fest

Beer Festival is one of the biggest event in Taiwan always holds up at a Mall or in a big Arena. This year’s beer festival took place at the Dream Mall with all the awesome and nice performances. Information of Beer Festival is an organized event during which a variety of beers (and often other […]

10/10/09 CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL 加勒比海狂歡嘉年華會   @ The wall

10/10/09 CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL 加勒比海狂歡嘉年華會 @ The wall

Islandjam presents Taiwan’s first introduction to the Caribbean Carnival. An all night party of dance and music, costume and extravagance. Get ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of the carnival with Black Reign Intl Sound and the live fanfare of Pan-Africana . Bring your colors and your costume, your dancing shoes and your flag. […]


Represent hip-hop, drum and bass.. It’s all going down in the place.. Called Bliss, and you won’t wanna miss.. Comin’ to a fresh party like this.. Saturday, July 25th22.00-04.00 DJs :: Elemence / Mixter T / Anti Hero / Coffeepot MCs :: BabbleOn / Shaman / Stoppa / Cortez :: 200NT with a free drink […]