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Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Paper Scissors Stone is an acoustic trio doin’ folk/ folk rock/classic rock covers, and we’ll soon be playing our originals as well. Not exclusively bound by one form of music or another Paper Scissor Stone Band brings you folk / folk rock / classic rock covers from the 50’s right on through to the present….on […]

La Sight Tainan Halloween Party 2007

Here is an early message to get you thinking about what you will wear for Halloween this year from our friends at La Sight in Tainan. This should be a great party and you can make some money if you have a great costume! The yearly Halloween is coming!!! It’s time to shake your body […]

C walking, Crip walking in Taiwan

Here is a video showing some Taiwanese guys making Snoop Dogg proud and Crip walking in a Taiwanese disco. The title of the video is: 407homie c walk ride with us. [ | 403 forbidden | | ]

The Tainan Directory and Canada D’eh

Hi everyone, We’ve got some good news. I’d like to let everyone know we have started a directory for pubs, bars, discos, and restaurants in Tainan. You can leave a comment and let everyone know how you feel about a place, or recommend a place that isn’t listed. You may not have realized how many […]

Seduce and Luxy 2006

The video is titled Seduce and Luxy 2006. These are some discos you can go to in Taiwan. Of course, the video is loaded with pretty Taiwanese girls dancing to hip hop music. Would you say that many discos in Taiwan are like these ones? [ you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | | […]

DJ Jelo Fusion Show Pictures

DJ Jelo Fusion Show Pictures

Here’s a look at some pictures from the DJ Jelo Halloween show at Fusion. We had a great time. Jelo kept the bodies grooving and the party went on all night. [ | 403 forbidden | 403 forbidden | ]