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Mei Nong Hakka Culture Folk Village, Hakka Museum, and Zhong Zheng Lake

Had a mission to go see the flowers that are growing in Mei Nong today. It never materialized though. We ended up going near the flower fields however, and seeing some interesting places, we just didn’t get as far as the flower fields. The weather was iffy, with intermittent showers and cloudy skies. Accompanying me […]

Vintage Formosa Photos

I stumbled upon a new site created by Taiwan bloggers David and Mark. I personally think it is great. I always enjoy checking gout the older pictures and thinking about the way things might have been. Good job guys. vintage Taiwan photos [ | | 403 forbidden | forbidden ]

Rock and Roll Circus, Lust Sluts Burlesque show, and Divebomb

Rock and Roll Circus, Lust Sluts Burlesque show, and Divebomb

It was a busy Saturday, but it was worth it in the end. I made it down to The Rolling Stone in Tainan to see local band Divebomb Ilan band The Deadly Vibes and from parts unknown the Lust Sluts Burlesque art/performance show . Steven Vigar was on hand with some friends to help take […]

Photographer: Steven Vigar

Taking photos is so easy these days with the dropping costs of digital cameras and memory cards it is possible for so many people to take thousands of photos and pick out their jewels for display. I am personally enjoying this side of photography myself, but the further I delve into it, the harder it […]

Camera Update

All of my hard work and perseverance has paid off and I finally have a new digital camera. I got a good deal from the Sunrise camera shop in Tainan (more info about them to come later). I ended up with a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Here are a bunch of shots I have taken […]

Taiwan Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is a message for bloggers/photographers in Taiwan, as well as anyone that likes to see fun photos. We are looking at starting/organizing a photo scavenger hunt. If anyone wants to get involved, please let me know. There have been a few posts in the forum about this regarding content of the photos and the […]

Taiwan Photo Forum

The Living in Taiwan forum that I started a few weeks ago is creeping along picking up new members here and there. I noticed more people commenting lately, so why not join in there. You can comment on bands and the state of music in Taiwan or about anything in the general chat area. We […]