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Dating in Taiwan: A Man's Perspective to Yellow Fever

Dating in Taiwan: A Man’s Perspective to Yellow Fever

I remember, before coming to Taiwan, I wasn’t attracted to asian women AT ALL. Vancouver has one of the most concentrated Asian population in North America, too. After already being together with my (whitey) girlfriend for a year, the idea of Taiwan came up and made the move in 2001. She was blond with blue […]

Dating in Taiwan: A Foreign Woman's Perspective

Dating in Taiwan: A Foreign Woman’s Perspective

Somewhere in the fictional version of New York City, Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw are shedding tears for me. After 9 months of living in Taipei, I’ve just about given up on men in Asia. I’m not converting to lesbianism by any means, but I suppose I’ve abandoned the idea that I will meet anyone […]