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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Here is a little Christmas story submitted by our friend, Manesh. According to an old and well-known legend, a week before Christmas, Archangel Michael asked his angels to visit the earth. He wanted to know if everything was ready for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He sent them in […]

Reflections on a Taiwanese Christmas

Christmas came and went and I got to thinking, how was it that I came to learn the true meaning of Christmas in Taiwan? When I was little, there was hardly any mention of Christmas in Taiwan. Maybe a few decorations were put up at the department stores but that was it. No one I […]

Bringing Christmas to Taiwan

Western holidays are slowly taking over in Taiwan. I have a student, a high schooler, who said he was tired of Chinese New Year (nong li nian) because it was “stuffy, boring, and too long with too many rituals”. He said he liked Western New Year (yuan dan) because it was happy, upbeat, and “high”! […]