Surfing in Taiwan?

Get your boards out! It is possible. Here is a video showing people surfing somewhere in Taiwan.
Taiwan Surfer – video powered by Metacafe

Bodysurfing in Taiwan

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4 Responses to “ Surfing in Taiwan? ”

  1. I forgot to mention this is not a professional video. They fall off all the time.

  2. Those guys are decent, man.

  3. I couldn’t even stand up on the board the first and only time I tried. If I ever see video of surfing it is usually highlights of some awesome, professional surfers, so it’s easy to think that these guys are not that good.

  4. And body surfing… holy crap is that hard. Just to tread water out there for an hour or so is insane. When the fat sets roll in and you get trapped insde you don’t even have a floaty board to save your ass. 🙂

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