Foreigner Lays Out Bus Driver in Kenting


This years trip down south was pretty good. Kenting was buzzing and there was a lot going on at and around the Spring Scream (SS) site. We have a first hand account of a fight between a foreigner and a Taiwanese bus driver over the matter of a small accident and a large jug named Amber.

The foreigner had apparently left Spring Scream to go and fill Amber up with some more booze. This mug could easily hold a small bottle of booze plus a more than adequate amount of a mixer. The foreigner had filled the mug and was returning to the SS site when there was a traffic jam. The road was to small for the passage of two cars at one point, so the bus ahead of him needed to reverse itself to make room for the oncoming traffic.

The bus driver decided he needn’t pay attention to anyone behind him, and even disregarded the screams and honking horns of the people waiting there. As a result, he knocked over the foreigner’s scooter and Amber fell ominously to the ground, her lid flipping off into the distance. At this point, another scooter had managed to get through and ran over Amber’s lid.

So, the bus driver got out of his bus, to see what he had hit. The foreigner was raging, as his freshly purchased booze and broken Amber laid on the ground. Profanities were soon exchanged. Many foreigners can’t speak much Chinese or Taiwanese, but when it comes to cursing, most, like this foreigner, are fluent. After the verbal assaulting, the bus driver decided he had had enough, so he pushed the foreigner. The foreigner pushed back and knocked the bus driver over. The man got up, and spit a gob of betelnut jizzle into the foreigners face.

The foreigner wiped his face and smeared the red spunk onto the bus drivers face; a bizarre form of retribution and a real loss of face for the Taiwanese guy. At that point, things were escalating quickly, and the driver started to get into position to strike the foreigner. The foreigner punched him in the face first though and knocked the guy onto the ground.

Obviously not one to admire what he had done, the foreigner picked up the pieces of his darling Amber and left the scene. Boozeless, and with a broken heart (for his beloved Amber), he vanished into the night.

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