Some stories about things of interest in Taiwan. Feel free to leave us an article if you’d like.

Chienni McCullough’s Taiwan Storybook: An Inside Outsiders View of Taiwan

Tales from the Yuan

Foreigner Lays Out Bus Driver in Kenting


Driving in Taiwan


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  1. In Case you missed it the Third Annual Taipei International Jazz Festival has come and gone. I can only comment on the venues that i actually saw, so i won’t pretend to offer a review of the whole Festival. I managed to take in a performance on Friday night in Da Ann Park and while the crowd was a little less than electric it was definately an enjoyable and relaxing evening. While i’m not the biggest jazz enthusiast my main reason for writing is to highlight the fact that not enough is done to inform the public, especially those of us who can’t rely on Chinese, about events and activities. Of course i’m sure many of you heard that Black Eyed Peas were in Taiwan but what about the other events, concerts and activities that didn’t generate such huge media coverage like the Jazz Festival for example. I think the best thing to do is take it upon ourselves to share as much information as we can. if you know of any upcoming preformances or events that you want to spread the word about, or if you know any sites that provide useful information in English , this is a perfect place to get the word out.

  2. That’s the plan, man. Thanks for the good attitude. Once I return from Canada next week. I’ll personally make an extra effort to dig out as much event notice I can.

  3. This is my story. I lived in Taiwan for 3 years. I lived in Kaohsiung for 2 and then Tainan for the final year. Upon returning to our homeland my husband told me that he had been with many, many, many women while we were in Taiwan but I think the biggest jerk of all was his translator Suzie Wu. She is horrible. She knew me for almost the entire time that we were in Taiwan. She pretended to like me and my daughter and then when we left she had an affair with my husband. Yes he is the one that betrayed us but women should have a little class. She is nothing but a useless tramp alot of good it has done her to sleep around with married men, she ends up alone in the end. Pitiful really, but women don’t like it when it is done to them so why would they do it to someone else.

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