Spring Scream 2008 Ken Ting Taiwan

Here is the latest word on This years Spring Scream Double Rat music and Art Festival in Ken Ting, Taiwan. The info was leeched off of their Myspace page

Spring Scream 2006 006.JPG

Spring Scream April, 4 2008 at 2008 Spring Scream Double Rat Music and Art festival Erluanbi Light House, southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting,
Cost: :

April (3?) 4,5,6… lots of bands… lots of stages… lots more

That isn’t much info, but at least it has the dates. Bands, get your demos ready and make sure to apply on time…

We still aren’t sure when the applications will for bands will start to be accepted, but when we do our people will talk to your people.

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